10 Tips on Saving Money

Tip 1 – If you currently have any debt on your credit cards then it is important that you clear this as soon as possible. Although credit cards are a convenient way for you to purchase those items that you want if you can’t pay off the balance on your card each month the debt will soon mount up. If you do find yourself in such a situation consider taking out a small low cost loan to pay off the balance on your cards and doing this could save you 100s each year.

Tip 2 – When it comes to buying yourself something essential like a second car or some furniture for your home why not consider using the local classifieds in the newspapers where you live or if they have their online. Generally you may find yourself saving yourself a considerable sum on the same items if you were to visit your local car dealer or furniture store.

Tip 3 ” In the last year or so the cost of household bills has increased substantially. A little clever shopping online could help to save you money each month as many companies offer competitive rates with a free swap over service in order to gain your business.

Tip 4 ” When going food shopping at the supermarket always eat before you go and take an itemised list with you, this way you can be sure to avoid buying and in turn wasting food unnecessarily.

Tip 5 ” There may be items belonging to you which are no longer wanted or in use, these have the potential to earn you money. With a little time and effort they can be sold using any good classified website or newspaper. Why not turn your unwanted junk into another mans treasure whilst making a few pounds at the same time.

Tip 6 ” It is always good to scout round for the best deal before renewing your insurance – reason being, there are so many companies out there that might be able to beat your quote.

Tip 7 – Holidays are always fun, but to get the best deals you should shop around. Try not to use travel agents as much as they tend to charge the most. Shop online, there are many travel web sites that have some fantastic bargains!

Tip 8 ” DIY problems always occur around the home, so rather that calling out an expensive trade man, your best bet would be to try and have ago yourself. If it is too dangerous then obviously call a professional!

Tip 9 – Although it may seem difficult try and put a little money aside each month to cover any emergencies that arise or to help pay off your mortgage a little more quickly. So rather than going out drinking every weekend with your mates spend it at home and use that money towards other essentials you need including paying off your credit card.

Tip 10 ” Do not always jump in and make purchases you do not necessary want or need. Hold back on spending and save a little, remember if you can not afford to buy it, leave it.

Above we have offered 10 tips for saving your money; as long as you keep these in mind then you shouldn’t find yourself in a situation where debt has taken over your life.

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