1.5 billion light years the universe was found outside the factory-made Star

One from Japan, the United States and Mexico, astronomers of the international joint research team, said on the 7th, at a distance of about 115 million light-years of Earth where there is a “crazy-made stars” of the galaxy cluster, like the universe, the “factory-made stars.”

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, according to a press release issued on the 7th, making stars of this galaxy group is the level of activity of the galaxy thousands of times, the level of activity in this galaxy of stars after making it

Have been found, but the first time that clusters of galaxies. The new study found that the formation of galaxies is extremely important.

The communique says, the researchers make use of the Atacama plateau in Chile sub-millimeter wave radio telescope, part of the direction of Aquarius region of observation, the previous observations of this region have been detected over a small galaxy, the new observation is found this region is “crazy making stars.”

The communique says, the local density of galaxies means that the higher the density of dark matter. Modern galaxy formation theory, the local dark matter density of the momentum of the birth of stars is also fierce, these stars will turn to the evolution of massive galaxies. The observational results and the modern theory of galaxy formation forecasts.

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