3 Easy Grow Taller Stretching Exercises

When most of us think of exercise, we think of strength training, or heart pumping cardiovascular workouts, and often use stretching techniques simply as a way of warming up for those other exercises. When it comes to naturally gaining height though, those stretching exercises will show their true value and importance, not just by increasing height, but by improving flexibility as well.

Stretching exercises are plentiful, some of which will be more enjoyable to different people. We’ll look at three such exercises below and let you judge for yourself whether theyre right for you.

Trunk Twist – The Trunk Twist puts your spine through a range of motion, helping to decompress the discs and increase height. It can also do wonders for your abs as well.

Sit on the floor and keep your feet anchored beneath something to help prevent movement while performing this. For safety’s sake, ensure the object your anchoring your feet with can bear the amount of force you’ll be exerting on it and won’t topple over onto you.

You may think this routine is like sit-ups, but it’s slightly different. You’ll be holding the same position, halfway between a lying and erect sitting position, and once there, you’ll be swiveling slowly to each side, with your hands clasped behind your head to help hold you in place. Do turns to each side 5 times per sitting.

Roll Over Stretch – This exercise targets your lower back specifically, and is also great for increasing flexibility in your back and legs. To perform this exercise, lie down flat on your back, and then roll backwards, letting your feet touch the ground behind your head. Keep your shoulders flat on the ground, and use them to help balance you. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds and you’re done.

Wall Bridge – Lastly, stand about two feet away from a wall with your back to it. You may have to alter your distance from the wall before doing this, but make sure you’re close enough to reach it. Once you’re at a good range, lean back until your hands are touching the wall. Now walk slowly down the wall with your hands, as far as your flexibility will allow. Once you’ve reached your limit, climb back up slowly, and then push off to return to your normal standing position. This one is great for the lower back as well.

These are three great exercises of varying difficulty and physical requirements. Try each of them out at least once to get a feel for them, and if they seem to work for you, go ahead and add them into your regular exercise routine. A height gain will surely follow down the road.

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