6 Things Keeping You From Growing Taller

There are many factors that contribute to a person’s height. Likewise, there are also obstacles that can significantly stunt growth. Your body is an amazing machine. When it is well maintained and nurtured, your body has the potential to grow even taller. Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, posture, exercise, and sleep each have a tremendous impact on your size. In your pursuit to maximize your height, it is important that you overcome these six obstacles that stand in your way.

Too many carbohydrates are the biggest obstacle to growth. Asians traditionally have diets filled with rice and vegetables. They also tend to be smaller in stature than those cultures that have better balance in their diet. Foods such as cereal, bread, potatoes, and rice are typically loaded with carbohydrates and high in calories. Too many calories leads to weight gain that makes you appear shorter and will hurt your posture. You are not helping yourself if you have a diet filled with carbohydrates.

A diet with too many fats can also work against you as you try to become taller. Although your body needs some fat for insulation and to promote metabolism, too much will cause significant weight gain. There are basically two types of fats, saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fats are found in items like butter, cookies, cakes, ice cream, and the fat on meat. They are high in calories and quickly cause weight gain. Also, the cholesterol in saturated fats can cause heart disease. Unsaturated fats, found in vegetable oils, are healthier because they are lower in cholesterol and calories.

Just as too much fat and carbohydrates hurt your body, so does too little protein. Your body cannot grow without significant amounts of protein. Proteins break down into amino acids which are used by every part of your body. Human Growth Hormone, the hormone that causes your body to grow, is composed of amino acids derived from protein. Protein also helps your digestive track metabolize food and create the other enzymes needed to grow. An ideal diet should include dairy, meats, and legumes that are filled with protein.

In addition to eating right, you must also make sure you get the right amount of sleep. Sleep helps you grow in two ways. First, lying horizontally helps to counteract the negative effects of gravity that compact the spine. As you lay down, you spine stretches out and you grow. Secondly, when you are asleep your body begins to use the Human Growth Hormone in your system to build bones, muscle, and tissue. It is important that you sleep long enough to let this process run it course. Eight hours of sleep is ideal. However, you should not sleep too long because this can slow your metabolism and make you gain weight. It is also important that you support your spine during these periods of growth. Sleep on a firm mattress and in a position that keeps your spine as straight as possible.

You must also get plenty of exercise if you want to become taller. Exercise triggers your body to release Human Growth Hormone. Certain stretching exercises increase cartilage which supports the growth that occurs during sleep and counteracts gravity. Exercise also speeds up your metabolism, helping your body to better use the protein, vitamins, and minerals you consume.

Even if you have the right diet, sleep, and exercise you will still need to have good posture in order to grow. Many people could be taller than they are if they had good posture. If your spine is not kept straight, you will be undoing any work you have done to increase your height. Poor posture, such as hunching over and rounded shoulders, keep your spine in a compacted position. Only a spine that is in correct alignment throughout the day and night will reach its full height potential.

These six obstacles can hold you back by several inches. However, making simples changes to your lifestyle can have an amazing affect. You can grow if you discipline your eating, sleeping, exercise, and posture. This discipline will give your body all of the fuel and support it needs to make your taller.

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