James Malinchak’s Concentrate On The Potential Payoff

Focus on the potential payoff and stop focusing on the current value. Consider that statement. There is a cost to everything to some degree. First of all, let me rescind that I do not believe there is a COST associated with anything particularly like being at a boot camp or when you buy something at a bookstore.

In all actuality, it is in reality an investment in your future. I could pretty much tell someone’s financial attitude depending upon how they talk. From that financial attitude, I can pretty much guess the financial position they are at and will remain at for the rest of their lives. After five minutes in speaking with them, I could figure them out based on statements like this one, “Uh, I cannot believe that book costs 10 bucks.”

Really, ten dollars is pricey? I know people that blow through ten dollars in minutes at a casino or at a restaurant. However, when they have something that gives them knowledge and information, something that fills their mind, they use words like ‘blew,’ ‘wasted,’ ‘cost,’ and ‘expensive.” Not me, as I’ve read books that changed my life on three pages. That was the cheapest therapy I received! All joking aside, books have so much meaning. I have read a quote or a fact that has changed the course of my life in some books, and I want that for you, too.

Seriously folks, it’s not about spending money. It’s about investing in yourself. If you concentrate on the payoff, not the current cost, there’s no cost to be concerned about for yourself or for a loved one. It’s an investment in your future success. Furthermore, it might be an investment in your company or your family, too. Whenever you invest in yourself, your family, your company, and your employees, you can’t go wrong! You need to invest to get ahead. Why waste money on unnecessary things when you could invest in things that make a difference to your life or the life of other people?

One thing more, if you hang around me, you’ll never hear me say, “Oh, I paid this,” and if I do I will catch myself and do something the remarkable Jack Canfield taught me. I will say “Cancel – cancel” while I tap my forehead, and I will get that out negative statement out of my head. Then, I’ll correct what I said, by saying something like, “I invested 20,000 bucks to be in Bill Glazer’s mastermind group” or “I invested this much to spend a day with somebody” or “I invested $10 in the book.” Got it? Being conscious of your own programming is a mindset. The first part of success is mindset, so you’ve got to start off right!

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