Industrial contemporary interior design has been in trend for the past two years now. There is good sense to this type of interior especially when one lives in the metropolis. This style is characterized by the usage of industrial materials and surfaces like brick, steel, wood and metal. The urban vibe of this kind of interior is a cross between the efficiency and comfort.

Choosing the right furniture can play a huge part in how an interior is going to look like. A zinc table has become a crowd favorite among DIY enthusiast. They are not limited to being used as table tops but also look great on counters. This is popular because the material can be easily found.

This alloy becomes more beautiful developing into a blue black gray patina. The retro and genuine feel that this effect gives is what a lot of homeowners are after by having this type of metal top. The alloy aesthetically reacts to substances that get in contact with the surface. The full effect does not manifest until about a year or two though.

These tables are very versatile in matters of style. They can be used in industrial, contemporary and even modern themed rooms. The durability of this material make it an ideal choice for busy kitchens and restaurants. This makes it a staple for any kitchen or room. Initially this alloy was popularly used as bar tops during pre world war II.

Metals are one of the basic style elements in any urban interior. Because metal is low maintenance, they are at the top of the most efficient materials that can be used and easily found, which is the basic philosophy of industrial design. Other popular options are pewter, copper, bronze and stainless steel.

Zinc can easily make a flea market table look brand new. Refurbishing with this material can be done at home or by fabricators depending on preferences and customized specifications. The process is as easy as covering the top with the metal sheet, cut and pasting and then soldering.

There is little maintenance needed for metal surfaces. Since the surface is non porous, mild soap and water are good enough for cleaning. Abrasive and harsh chemical should not be used since this can damage the material. Make sure to wipe down any dirt that touches the table after usage.

Usage and maintenance are simple, too. These tables can handle sharp objects but unlike stainless steel, direct contact with a knife or a piercing object can leave an impression on the surface. In this case, always use a cutting board. This surface also has a melting point of 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Use hotplates and trivets to avoid problems and do not put hot pots and pans directly on the top.

The efficiency and aesthetic that urban interior design exudes probably come from style elements like reclaimed wood, constructively exposed metal beams from the building. Chrome, glass, wood and metal are great supporting design elements that complete the whole interior. Zinc is stylistically versatile that it can be used for virtually any type of room.

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