There is nothing like the bone rattling speed of the classic American V8 vehicle and there are a significant number of owners in the country. Today, there is a differentiation between these owners in terms of the kind cranks they use. These make a difference in sound and handling, and a number of other factors that make the use this kind of vehicle unique.

The sound identifies the classic vehicle before it is seen, and the kind of vehicle is known all around the country by its signature roar. Flat fast crankshafts helps vehicles regain this voice, a unique characteristic that once was so common on city streets, and people are turning back to it with this innovative new system that improves all around performance.

People usually own one of those bona fide late fifties or sixties and seventies muscle cars. While manufacture for these has long since stopped, they have are central to an enthusiast niche industry servicing them. This is made up of independent parts makers who can tool and die engines to maintain and even improve them.

Regardless of your preference in detailing, brand and engine configuration, the flat crank has become the byword for power. And this is the exact quality that owners want to make obvious in their cars in every sense of this word. Power is what these crankshafts give in sound and in performance of any vehicle that has them.

It is not like the cross planed devices that were once the dominating force for the independent market. The shafts for the crossed device cross over and need more power to run and are heavier besides. This currently popular one runs much faster and in the process creates high torque loads and power.

The new crank produces more rattles, heavy sounds and vibrations, but these have contributed to its acceptance among V8 owners. The flat planes also have many things they can appreciate. These will include fast response rates, lighter weight, balance and the ability to turn as fast as 9000 rpms, which is something that the other type cannot deliver.

That sounds like a lot of power, and the engine block does not disappoint with the horsepower it delivers. The use of the crank enables V8s to generate upwards of 500 hp and 400 pound feet of torque from an efficient 5.2 liter engine. Now these are very impressive statistics, and a definite improvement on the same classic engines that had cross planes put in.

The trends for this industry may last for some years, but this is something that may be here to stay. A development like this has been predicted and desired, something that the original muscle cars need to bring back the original spirit. The funding for this craze has gone stratospheric with a lot of enthusiasts investing in it.

For muscle car aficionados, accessing news about this development is a simple as going online. There are sites featuring specs, illustrations and working diagrams, and some may offer discounts specific to the marketing of these new products. You need to think how people are turning over their vehicles to this kind of shaft and you should not lose time following them.

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