There are a lot of Richmond VA residents who would rather make mortgage payments on their own home than pay rent each month. They may think they don’t have any choice but a traditional house, that is above their means, or a mobile home that may or may not be safe in bad weather. Most of them don’t know that there are other options. The modular homes Virginia dealers have for sale can be a good solution to their home ownership dilemma.

Because they’re both constructed in factories and transported to their destination, many people confuse modulars with mobile, or manufactured, homes. These two types of housing are not at all the same. Mobile homes are considered personal property, and ownership is transferred by bill of sale. Modulars are permanently fixed to a foundation and cannot be moved. Ownership of modulars is transferred by title, just like a house built on site.

If modulars are not the same as trailers, they are also not the same as traditional houses built on site from the foundation up. As stated before, modulars are built off site in a pre-planned system that allows them to be transported to their permanent location. Since the builders are not dependent on weather conditions, modulars can be constructed fairly quickly. These houses must be built according to strict rules and guidelines.

Modulars are constructed very differently from traditional single family houses. Designers create set plans which are then divided and built in sections that can be transported to a lot that already has a poured foundation. Once the sections arrive, they are removed by crane and assembled following detailed instructions.

Since prefabricated houses are real property and look so much like those that are traditionally built, a lot of people wonder if they are really less expensive. The cost of modulars varies widely depending on the size, design, and complexity, but comparable modulars are normally considerably more affordable than on site builds.

There are a number of benefits to choosing a prefab over an on site built home. Most of them are more energy efficient and are environmentally friendly. While they have to meet or exceed the same standards as traditional housing, the price per square foot is less. Unless you know you are looking at a prefabricated house, you won’t be able to distinguish it from traditional housing.

Since prefabs are real property, modulars qualify for the same kind of loan packages as other houses. The taxes are no different, and a homeowner’s policy will give as much protection as with any residence. Modulars may be even safer and more secure in the face of tornado and hurricane force winds.

Modulars can be good options for people who have the dream of home ownership and live on a budget. They are well built, long lasting, and extremely attractive.

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