A Few Basic Film Reviews

For years now, the video store was the way to get movies. High speed internet access has now made it possible to download movies right off a movie download site. Here are some examples of movies you can acquire through a movie download site.

Prime Cut: Here is a fast moving tongue-in-cheek waste that fans of sleazy offense melodramas should love. This is Spacek’s first film. Cast includes Cast includes Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman, Life saver Tompkins, Gregory Walcott, Sissy Spacek, and Janit Baldwin. (86 minutes, 1972)

Lock Up: Frank Leone’s prison sentence is almost up. He is suddenly transferred to a high security lock up with Warden Drumgoole in charge. This is bad news for Leone. This warden has it in for Leone, and getting through his last 6 months will be hell.

Striptease: Erin Grant is a stripper at the Eager Beaver. She is trying to raise enough money to get her daughter back from her divorced jerk of a former husband. Things spin out of control for Erin when a corrupt congressman comes to the club and takes a liking to her.

The Hole: Secluded school scholar Birch trips onto campus once she and some of her classmates have been missing for over 2 weeks. She tells a story of how she and 3 adolescents ditched a weekend field trip to hang out in an underground bunker only to become kidnapped. Birch’s complicated role is the best part of this boring mental terror film. Cast includes Thom Birch, Desmond Harrington, Daniel Brocklebank, Laurence Fox, Keira Knightley, and Embeth Davidtz. (102 minutes, 2001)

Unlawful Entry: Michael and Karen Carr have had a chilling experience. Someone broke into their house, and tried to rob them. When Officer Pete Davis shows up to help, out he seems like a godsend. In the days to come they find officer Davis might be their worst nightmare.

The Light That Failed: This is a fine presentation of a Kipling melodrama of London actor Colman going blind.Cast includes Ronald Colman, Walter Huston, Ida Lupino, Dudley Digges, Muriel Angelus, Fay Helm, and Francis McDonald. (97 minutes, 1939)

China Moon: Small town cop Harris lusts after miserably wedded Stowe in this moody film noir. A few nice twists, although production is more than a tad comparable to the better Body Heat. This is a directorial debut for Bailey, better known as a top cinematographer. Cast includes Madeline Stowe, Charles Dance, Benicio Del Taro, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Roger Aaron Brown, and Patricia Healy. (99 minutes, 1994)

Species: Early in our exploration of space we sent a message out into the universe. In it we tell the universe about our world, including the DNA that makes up the human body. Years later we receive a response. In it is a different DNA sequence, and instructions on how to combine this DNA with our own. Scientist try and complete the experiment. The results might be extremely dangerous.

Fra Diavolo: Hemmings is excellent in disheartening slay puzzle that begins well and then falls aside. It was photographed by the incredible Oswald Morris. Cast includes David Hemmings, Gayle Hunnicutt, Plant life Robson, Wilfrid Hyde, Daniel Massey, and Mona Washbourne. (96 minutes, 1971)

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