A Few Things To Remember When Caring For A Turtle

There are many different types of turtles, however no matter which type you get, you should be prepared for a decent amount of responsibility. A very important thing to remember when caring for a pet turtle is that they are known for Salmonella. To make sure your kids don’t get Salmonella you will need to make sure you clean your hands after being around them.

A turtle can make a great pet for both children and adults, as long as the turtle is properly cared for. It’s easy to confuse a turtle with a tortoise, but the best rule of thumb to go by is that turtles usually live in or near water whereas tortoises live on land, usually in sandy areas. Basic turtle care is quite easy for a child to perform, as long as an adult can see to the moderation of the temperature in the turtle’s housing.

Turtles are aquatic and need water in order to get their hydration. The shell needs to have time to dry every once in a while, which means you need to make sure you have them a area they can climb up on in order to get dry. A turtle aquarium is something that will take no time to make, but did you know you have to clean the tank every week or twice a week?

The reason you want to go to such effort to keep the turtle’s aquarium clean is that it can cut back on the likelihood of Salmonella growth. This is probably the most important aspect of turtle hygiene for both you and your family.

There are many turtles to choose from, however it’s probably a good idea not to get your hopes set on something so large as a green sea turtle, as these are prohibited to have as pets. However, there are many other varieties which you can browse through at your local pet store or even online. As long as you are prepared to care for a turtle, you should have a wonderful experience raising one.

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