A Garage Ventilation Fan Is Essential To Insure Good Health In Toxic Situations

There are many instances where a garage ventilation fan is necessary. Volatile organic compounds are gaseous substances that emanate from building materials as they deteriorate or decompose. Mold and mildew can also be created over time as products become damp or wet.

Another dangerous situation comes from exhaust or carbon monoxide emitted from automobiles. Other toxins are created when people use their garages for workshop situations. Using oil based paints, thinners, strippers and varnishes can create a very poisonous environment.

Garages are also known for being much hotter than buildings that they are attached to. This is caused by the radiant heat that is produced by vehicles being operated outside and coming into contact with the sun’s rays that heat up the metal. After the vehicles are parked in the garage they continue to radiate this heat, sometimes for hours. It can cause the structure to have as high as twenty degrees hotter. If the structure is attached it will result in the heat seeping into the home and costing more in cooling the home.

Exhaust systems reduces the build up of toxic fumes and overheating. A simple fix for heating situations is a simple box fan placed in a window with the air flowing out of the structure. In order for this solution to work there must be a source of clean air flowing in such as a clean air vent, open window or door.

If hazardous materials are being used in a closed area, it can cause irrevocable harm to individual’s health and possibly death. When an area is being used as a workshop, it may be necessary to have a more powerful system.

For a large amount of fumes a system that utilizes a vent system with a fan installed in a high place is suggested. The vents will be built into the garage door or the walls and then focus at the top where the fan is mounted. This will successfully clean the air inside the structure.

An exhaust fan level to a worktable is suggested for woodworking environments. However if the garage is being used to work on cars it is advised to have a tubing system that can be attached to the exhaust pipe of the vehicles that are running. This allows ventilation at the source of the toxins.

Ventilation is calculated based on volume of the area and the amount of air that is needed to dilute the pollutants to a safe level. There are air quality levels for businesses that are required by law according to the state, county and city where a person lives. But without a garage ventilation fan the air can become contaminated and be a serious health risk or the heat may incur more costs in cooling a home.

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