A Green Kitchen

Due to our earlier faults and careless attitude, environment has really tolerated a lot. But now, we all understand this fact and more and more people are joining hands to reduce the effect on environment. Steps to achieve a green kitchen are easier than ever.

For starters, use CFL bulbs in place of the traditional incandescent lighting in your kitchen. It has a lot of advantages. It is very durable and fits in the same socket as that of normal bulbs. It uses about three quarters less electricity. It is recommended to build your kitchen in the outside portion so that it is easier for natural light to enter.

If you are in the market for a new appliance, be sure to look for the Energy Star symbol, as these products are more energy efficient. Go in for convection ovens rather than convention ovens.

Clean your kitchen chimneys regularly and see that they are working properly. If it is not clean, it will not ventilate properly, thus creating a hotter kitchen and giving rise to more use of cooling devices. You can choose from a variety of chimneys available in markets.

If the budget is not a constraint, and you are going in for a whole new look for your kitchen, use products made up of recycled materials including paper, stone, concrete and plastic etc. you can also opt for bamboo that is a renewable produce.

Always use a small pot or pan while cooking, as it requires less energy to heat. Size of the burner should also be according to the pan. For small jobs like melting butter etc, use microwave. Instead of plastic bags, which cannot be decomposed and recycled, go in for brown paper bags.

You can also use induction cook top, as it is more efficient than gas or electric range tops. They save power by up to 40-70%. As the name suggests, this cook top uses induction heating, which involves an electromagnetic field causing resistance in a ferrous pot or pan.

Another way to save energy is shared here. Do not rinse plates and load them dry. If not using, unplug all electrical appliances. Wherever you can, use organic products.

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