A Look At Available Solutions For Tooth Replacement

Adults and children can lose teeth at one point in time. In some instances however, these teeth no longer grow back resulting in a visible gap. Anyone would be uncomfortable with the appearance of such a gap. Fortunately, there are several options to choose from when it comes to tooth replacement. A good emergency dentist in san diego should be able to provide these solutions.

One way to place to correct this condition is through a dental implant. An artificial root is utilized to hold the implant firmly in place. If the implant is secured in the bone, it will be held in place with a system of screws, blades or other implements. If there is not enough bone, the implant can be placed on the bone instead, held in place by metal.

The dentist may also suggest the use of a flipper. The flipper will utilize a wire to secure it in place. The wire will be attached to the surrounding teeth so that the structure can be stabilized. They require little maintenance although the patient may need time to cope with the presence of the flipper.

The prosthesis can also be bonded to the remaining healthy teeth on both its sides. The longevity of such a structure can vary but it will commonly last for a number of months, even more than a year. Its longevity will depend on how strongly attached the replacement is.

An emergency dental in san diego can also create bridges for its patients. A bridge will be convenient if you only need one of your teeth replaced. Crowns will be used to secure the structure. These crowns will be placed on the nearest teeth. The disadvantage to these bridges is that healthy teeth will have to be crowned so that it can be attached.

Dentures are also one way to replace those missing teeth. They can be used for just one tooth or they can be used to replace several. The implement can be made from materials like plastic. As in other solutions they are also attached to healthy teeth. This solution is less costly but the wearer will still need some time to adjust.

To prepare for your visit to the dentist, do some research on these options beforehand. Find out why one solution is better than the others. Check what kind of procedure you will experience with each option. Check what advantages are being offered and what drawbacks you will be experiencing. If any issues have to be clarified, then be sure to ask your dentist abut it.

To add to these considerations, take the time to check the rates of these solutions. While there are some that are inexpensive, there are also products that can cost you more than a thousand dollars. The chosen treatment will have an effect on your appearance and your health. Therefore, you have to make sure that the emergency dentist in san diego ca you choose is highly qualified.

There are many tooth replacement options for dental patients. All of these are designed to fix the condition and improve your appearance. These procedures have to be conducted because they prevent the shifting of the remaining teeth, bite problems and even issues with chewing.

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