A Romantic Greek Style Bedroom

If you are thinking of changing the way your bedroom looks, then why not choose a more romantic setting using a Mediterranean style look. Here are some ideas that you can use.

First of all, invest in a four poster bed with a either a wood frame or an old iron frame. This will give more of a romantic feel to the room. Decorate it with a beautiful white cover like the bedspreads you can buy in Greece with crochet patterns on them or just a white floral bed cover. Fill the bed with warm colored pillows that feature exotic designs on them. Decorate the posts with a floral nylon type of material to make the bed stand out. Place a rustic area rug on each side of the bed.

Adding natural pieces like a plant will make your area complete for the Mediterranean feel you’re going for. If you’re able to purchase one which as a wonderful scent to it such as fresh flowers this will make it as an aromatherapy addition to the room to make you sleep more peaceful at night.

If you have wooden floors or even a basic carpet, try adding a great area rug. You either have a choice for a patter which flows with your design or just a basic color. Red, floral, or any other Mediterranean circular colored area rug will make the room very romantic. You also want to make sure it is soft to the touch so it is something which won’t irritate your feet as you walk over it.

Sand colored art work on the walls will give you enough decoration along with a neutral design. Great oil paintings are another way to go if you still want to add additional punches of color into the room. Aphrodite whom is the Greek Goddess of Love would be a great addition in the room as art work. It will make the room come alive with its Mediterranean style.

Light the room up with candles. Place them around the room in wrought iron or brass candle holders to light up the bedroom and give it a sensuous, romantic feel.

Wicker furniture with a great floral printed cushion set will work as a seating area in your bedroom. You can sit and relax while reading a book or enjoying the newspaper.

Last but not least, invest in a rich, dark wood dressing table with triple mirrors. Place a couple of white Goddess statues upon them. Some pottery pieces will, also, add a Mediterranean style, such as, small Grecian plates or a vase with bright colors. Even some pottery ornaments that are normally found in countries like Greece or Cyprus.

All this will give the room a perfect romantic Mediterranean Greek look with style.

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