A Summary Of Snake Venom Anti Wrinkle Cream For Some Seeking To Hold Onto Their Youth

Are people really paying money to put snake venom anti wrinkle cream on their faces to look younger? Isn’t it dangerous to put that kind of poison on your skin? Don’t worry, the cream doesn’t actually have snake venom in it. It’s made up of a synthetic compound that imitates the poisonous fang juice of the serpent known as the Temple Viper – a distant relative of the common rattlesnake.

The first word of the serpent’s title – “Temple” – is an accurate enough description, especially if the way youth seekers of all ages are flocking to it, is any indication. But what’s so special about it anyway? Why would people focus their attention on this specific cream as the one on which to spend their hard-earned cash?

For one thing, it’s supposed to be just like – and also safer than – another magic potion out on the market, known for smoothing and preventing lines and wrinkles – but with a difference. The “fake snake” lotion does indeed work in the same manner, however it doesn’t cause the permanent facial paralysis that sometimes happens to people who’ve overused the other treatment.

To use the venom, you simply apply it to the face, taking care to make sure it’s put directly on any wrinkles and lines. Like the poison of the serpent, it causes the targeted areas to act and appear as though they have become “stunned into paralysis”. Your skin takes on a more youthful glow, not only by the reduction in any deep crevices you already have, but because when used continually, it helps in the prevention of new ones from forming.

Of course there’s the “less than good” news in regards to cost and staying power. It’s true it’s less expensive than the “other” miracle substance, and in fact, is now cheaper to purchase since its public introduction a few years back. But the fact is, it still carries a price tag considered rather steep for some people, at the price of just over $53 dollars (34.95 GBP) – and that’s just for a months supply.

Also, this venom doesn’t have the three to four month lasting effects of that other treatment. Because of the fast rate of absorption into the skin and muscles, it must be reapplied over and over to keep the benefits going.

But there are some positives to balance out the negatives, as well. Because of its deep penetration abilities, it also works as a skin defender – becoming a barrier in blocking harmful substances from the environment that seek to gain entry. And this also makes it fall under the category of a good in-depth facial moisturizer. In fact, some of those who have used the cream continually for a month or longer, have reported that their wrinkle development has been put on delay, the lines they already had appear to have decreased by over fifty percent – plus their faces have taken on a renewed glow!

So, when you’re looking for a miracle potion of your very own, you should consider snake venom anti wrinkle cream as one of your choices. But also use logic before jumping at the newest creation – consult your physician and make him aware of your plans, and remember that anything out on the market may cause harmful side effects at any time.

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