A World Of Music For Your Teen’s Room

This is the perfect read for moms like you who have a music lover of a kid. Decorating his bedroom to show his musical interests can be done in these simple steps. Read on and learn how:

For wall decorating, use music-themed stencils and trace them on the wall’s borders. Such stencils vary from musical notes like G clef, flats and trebles to piano keys or guitar strings. Use a dark colored paint in tracing the lines for the stencils in order to make the images stand out.

For the bed, use beddings with a design that reflects his musical preference. It can be anything from a black and white color combination (piano) to images of other musical instruments. There are music-themed designs for many fabrics.

For the windows, instead of the usual blinds or curtains, say goodbye to a plain look and add drama by being more original. String up old CDs or vinyl records with a piece of sturdy rope, tie them together and hang them up on the curtain box with hooks. The window treatment will take on a totally different look.

Posters and photos of his favorite artists are great ways to express his interest. This way, he will also be constantly inspired with the image of his favorite musicians. Frame the posters or photos for a classier look.

A shag area rug on his floor would be great addition to his music-themed room. You can find these in solid black solid white or patterned in white and black to complement the whole black and white theme you have going. Or if you are feeling creative, buy two shag area rugs of the same pile; one in solid white, the other in solid black. Cut out music notes of similar size from both rugs then replace with the differently colored rug music note. Hold these in place with rug or duct tape then fluff the rug with your fingers. This is easy to do so do it together with him, and he will always be proud of the wok of his hands.

When he is in his room, his creativity will flow as he has the right ambience for this, and he will be well on his way to becoming the music virtuoso he has always wanted to be. Your teenager will love being in his room, surrounded by the influences that so inspire him. For all you know, he might turn out to be the next musical genius.

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