Above And In Ground Pools

In deciding whether above ground pools or in ground pools are the pools that suit the home, budget and surroundings are the basic considerations. In regions of the country where it is warm most of the year, in ground pools installed in the backyard are almost expected. In cooler areas as well as tighter budgets, above ground pools may fill the bill.

Adding value to a home and enhancing the landscape by providing a water feature that creates a pleasant view from inside the house or from a patio or deck are the benefits to permanently installed in-ground pools. Their provision of a place for entertaining, exercising and lounging is an additional benefit.

The drawbacks to installing in ground pools include the initial expense as a pool is considered a major investment and their yearly maintenance. Maintenance includes the boost to the electric bill, a hike in the water bill, the chemicals, cleaning, opening and closing for the seasons.

Choices for homeowners who want a pool in a hurry or are on a tight budget are optional above ground pools. Their installation in just a matter of a few days is the advantage of above ground pools. They are erected by a team of installers after their arrival in kit form.

Included in the price or can be added on at purchase, are decking and railing options to many higher ended above ground pools. They can be heated to extend swimming time. Kids love them. Their built-in fencing and locking gate options make them safe as long as an adult monitors the kids.

Above ground pools do not add value to a home and that is their major drawback. Also, they are neither safe nor suitable for diving, being only 48 to 52 inches deep, typically. There are some problems that come with both in ground pools and above ground pools and these include water evaporation and maintenance issues.

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