America And The Commercialization Of Halloween

Halloween is probably the most commercialized celebration in America. When we talk about commercial potential, Halloween comes second to Christmas when it comes to popularity and marketability.

Commercial value

Halloween is well-liked by children and adults. There is also a broad assortment of adult activities for Halloween. Ever since a columnist of New York Times declared the world flat, international parades such as The Greenwich Village Halloween parade draws more than one million individuals per year.

Halloween not only gives an excuse for people to wear silly outfits and entertain people, but it also helps the local economy a lot. The Greenwich Village Halloween parade even contributes as much as 60 million dollars in one year. Because of its contribution to the local economy, even religious societies are willing to help just to keep the holiday as big as it is.

The U.S. and Canada

The Halloween festivities in Canada have been observed to generate roughly seven hundred million dollars in earnings. On average, American households spend around forty-five dollars for the Halloween celebration. Young urban professionals typically spend more for Halloween festivities.

The Halloween festivities generate around 6.8 billion dollars for the U.S. economy. Popular products for Halloween are:

– Candies

– Costumes

– Greeting Cards

– Party Supplies

Taking It Easy

It’s a well-known fact that Halloween is that time of the year when people could let off a little pent-up steam. Often, it doesn’t matter anymore what the celebrations are really for. All that people know is that they can go to rave parties, drink, and party all night.

Ultimately, it is safe to say that Halloween continues to be celebrated mainly because of the adult appropriation of the celebration. Without the commercialization of the celebration, it would’ve most likely been forgotten. With all the negative aspects of its origin, it seems that this ancient-rooted celebration will only survive in the modern times by associating it with more acceptable and enjoyable aspects of life.


The annual Halloween celebration somehow conflicts with the conservative and religious principles. This is mainly due to two very sensitive and controversial issues:

– Homosexuality

– Alcohol use

Homosexuality is a factor because of the celebration of same sex relationships. For the alcohol factor, alcohol is almost always present on adult celebrations. In all-nighters and rave parties, free flowing beer is very much appreciated.

The more beer, the more freedom. Unlike celebrations like Christmas, where the drinking of alcohol is discouraged, Halloween is one of the holidays that beer-lovers everywhere wait for.

Halloween is most popular in America, but that does not mean other countries do not celebrate it. More and more countries are starting to have bigger festivities and celebrations during the Halloween season. It’s not unusual for other countries to sell Halloween-themed toys and costumes.

In the U.K., Halloween sees its popularity rise each year.

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