Anger Control And Ways To Make It Work For You

Think about what our lives are like today; all the stress, the buzz, the overpowering technology, the crush of people in the cities, the processed food making us sick; it’s no wonder there is so much anger out there in the world, and all of us need to maintain some form of anger control just to get through the day. Holding in anger and rage can have a negative effect on you physically, and it is not a good idea emotionally to hold in your feelings, however strong they may be.

From the time we could walk and talk as little kids, it was burned into our pea brains that you should play nice and be nice, and no no no don’t hit johnny over the head with that truck. You were supposed to keep your emotions in check and don’t show any outward emotion or feelings even if you were seething inside. So, what to do, what to do. The effect of stifling all this anger and sadness and rage, is that people tend to snap at the least little provocation ( the straw that broke the camel’s back sort of thing) and take out all that pent up rage on someone who was not even involved initially, even to the point of committing murder. Venting feelings, even of sadness and fear; is a healthy thing for humans, as long as it is done with a modicum of anger control.

There have been plenty of studies done on anger management and anger control, and one of the most effective means of venting pent up rage and powerful feelings is to combine the mental pressure with a physical outlet that will give you the means to get the stress out of your system. Sometimes when under pressure, just ripping up papers or burning something or shouting your head off will do the trick; whereas other times, if the stress factors are too great and the pressure is immense, then grabbing a baseball bat and smashing something with it, or throwing dishes or glasses against the wall, or beating a pillow and screaming long and loud, will take care of the problem once and for all. A good system of anger control will not only help you get rid of the immediate problem that is eating you alive; but it will also calm you to the extent that you will find you are sleeping better at night, and you feel better physically as well.

Whatever method you use to vent your anger, never never hurt the person directly who was the cause of the anger in the first place. A battle of words is acceptable and many times you can use effective anger control just by a forceful verbal exchange; but do not involve the individual physically in your outburst to release the anger. The best way to get rid of deep anger against another person, is to have a symbol of that person in front of you (like a photo) and throw things at it, or burn it, or stab it with a knife.

When you need to get away and put your anger control method into action, do just that—-get away by yourself so you can act out your anger without having all kinds of interruptions or peeping eyes that will make you feel self conscious and inhibit the venting process. Get into a back room somewhere, or someplace where you can be alone for a while and no one will bother you, and let it rip. Grab those pillows and whack them unmercifully, rant and rave and scream until your throat hurts—just do it, and get it all out. After you are done, you’ll be pooped; but you will have gotten all that pressure out of you without involving anyone else, and you’ll feel so much better.

One thing to always remember is that to experience true anger control and make your cathartic sessions work for you in a positive way; you must be able to become the bigger person in the whole picture, and forgive the person you are angry with. Yes, it’s hard; but not impossible; and true venting of anger and rage cannot begin to be effective if you cannot forgive and mean it. Your whole way of approaching life from that moment on will be changed and you will be the better person for it, and physically you will be the best you have ever been without the pressure, the nagging headaches, and the feeling of being weary all the time from lack of sleep. All that will be a thing of the past if you can just forgive.

The way life is today with all its stressors and fast paced style can be overwhelming for many people and the anger and stress that builds inside a person can be totally detrimental if allowed to go unchecked. Having available and using some form of anger control tailored to the situation that is causing the anger; will help alleviate the stress and rage you are feeling and improve radically the way you approach life and dealing with other people.

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