Are leather and wooden jewelry boxes comparable?

If you own jewelry, you must have a jewelry box that will protect your valued jewelry for years to come. Choosing from the many jewelry boxes available may seem daunting but if you narrow it down to the two most popular types of boxes; wood jewelry boxes and leather jewelry boxes, and then evaluate your needs, you should easily be able to find something that suits you.

Wooden jewelry boxes, though considered “the” traditional box style, have hundreds, if not thousands of different designs, each with their own character. The strength and easy manufacture of wood makes it the perfect material to craft drawers, doors, and lids, and is also sturdy enough to allow the use of various hooks, hangers, and other accessories to be utilized to adapt to your jewelry storage or display desires.

Leather jewelry boxes are very suited for traveling because they are softer and lighter then their wood counterparts. It is much easier to fit a leather jewelry box into your suitcase than a bulky wooden one so if you travel a lot, a leather jewelry box may work well for you.

Leather does need a little more care than wood as leather is a fine material that needs to be cleaned and polished once in a while. If you love the look of leather, as many people do, the little extra care will ensure that you have a jewelry box that will last for years. Men especially like leather for its rugged look and tend to choose leather over wood for this reason.

Leather, as opposed to wood, has its own sets of strengths and weaknesses. It is lighter and its surfaces are easier to maintain, and its sleek look fits in with any decor, but leather itself can tear or rip, making it a less likely solution to long term home jewelry care and protection especially if exposed to the rigors of travel.

Making a decision between leather and a wooden box should be made based on your individual lifestyle. By choosing wisely, you will be happy with your jewelry box purchase. A leather jewelry box is obviously a good choice if you need your jewelry to be portable while you travel. If you need more space and just want a jewelry box to keep your jewelry safe at home then a wooden jewelry box is a good choice for you.

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