Are You Aware Of The HRT Side Effects?

It is an admitted fact that every phenomenon possesses a couple of aspects. If one aspect is brighter, the other could be a darker one. Similarly, HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is considered to have some risks and side effects. If you are looking to know about the HRT side effects, then this article will work.

Numerous side effects are found to be associated with HRT. Risks of mild nature include nausea, dizziness, fatigue, stress, or some skin related problems. On the other hand, some severe problems may also arise as result of HRT. For instance, there is an increased risk for women having a uterus; they might develop an endometrial cancer. Similarly, ovarian cancer can also be caused by HRT. Other features include increased risk of blood clotting, heart attacks, risks related to gall bladder diseases, breast pain and negative effects on mood.

Now let’s have a look on side effects, which are specifically attributed to the route of administration of hormones. Studies hold that when the hormones are transmitted orally (by mouth) into the body, then the side effects like, vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite are observed. When the route is topical application (skin lotion) or parenteral (injection), then constipation, insomnia, headaches, rashes or itching is mostly experienced by the patients. By the same token, transdermal route (skin patches) can create certain problems relating to skin.

Some studies reveal that switching to a different type of HRT may reduce the risk factors. If one mode is not suitable for you, the other could be applied with the doctor’s consent. However, there are certain conditions in which HRT is not recommended to women at all. If you are having a history of ovarian cancer, you cannot go through HRT. Similarly, if you are suffering from uterus cancer, severe allergies, liver diseases, blood clots, heart problems, having pregnancy, or having vaginal bleeding for an unknown reason, then you should avoid taking hormone replacement therapy. It may prove harmful to you in such conditions.

Above all, certain situational factors or carelessness on your own part may also confront you with several side effects of HRT. For instance if, you do not take the dosage in its exact ratio, as prescribed by the doctor, you will be caught in a trouble. You need to follow the medicine schedule properly and regularly to avoid devastating consequences, which will result otherwise. Another way by which you can have hormone therapy with reduced risk factors is to seek a combination of hormonal therapy strategies rather than taking a single therapy. So, consult your doctor thoroughly before deciding.

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