As You Mature, You Could Become Less Able To Resist Easy Bruising!

If you happen to glance down at your arm, and you notice a new bruise almost every time that you look down, it means that your body is trying to send you a message. Once you recognize that something out of the ordinary may be taking place, you should make the effort to do some research to try and determine just what message your body is trying to send.

Although there could be any number of reasons why you seem to becoming more susceptible to easy bruising, the usual reason is simply due to your aging. Even though it is somewhat normal to find out that you are bruising more frequently as you get older, that fact should not keep you from evaluating your physical circumstances to determine if there is some other cause for your bruising. This evaluation can help you determine what your next line of action will be to help reduce your bruising occurrences.

It is one of the facts of life that as you age your skin becomes thinner and begins to lose its elasticity. This means that your skin loses some of its cushioning ability to protect your blood vessels. It is also the reason that wrinkles begin to appear. As this transformation occurs, your skin becomes more prone to sustaining damage and injury.

When the tiny blood vessels, known as capillaries, located just below the surface of your skin are broken, you see the manifestation of this event as bruising. You have probably already experienced what happens when you bump your arm against something. Your skin itself does not break, but because it no longer affords the cushioning it once did, the blood vessels beneath the skin now sustain damage, and rupture at the location of the impact.

The walls of the smallest of the blood vessels, called capillaries, also become thinner with aging, and this makes the capillaries themselves more prone to being injured. Combining the thinning of the skin and the capillary walls makes the whole bruising process almost inevitable from even the slightest of bumps into surfaces or objects.

The level of collagen that your body creates is another factor to be considered when you evaluate your tendency for easy bruising. Collagen is a certain substance manufactured by the body which seems to have only one purpose, and that is to keep the skin elastic and flexible. You have no doubt heard many skin care claims of the benefits of collagen in the advertising for skin care products. One popular claim is that collagen enhances youthful looking skin.

Once you understand the reasons for easy bruising given above, you will begin to understand why you are more susceptible to bruising easily as you get older, but keep in mind that there will be some people of the same age that seem to bruise less easily than others. Those people who seem to be able to avoid accidentally bumping into things seem to bruise much less frequently. Genetics can also be a factor in determining how easily you bruise.

The more you can discover about the causes of your easy bruising, the more you will be able to avoid them happening and the less bruising you will experience, but it may also be worth your while considering the all natural Bruises Be Banned daily supplement program. It can help to further minimize, or even completely prevent bruising altogether through the unique collection of natural supplements that it contains which has helped people all over the world to minimize these effects of the aging process.

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