Backpackers And Camping Solar Panels

There are countless camping solar panels offered today. It can make a big difference utilizing solar energy for camping. Here you can find a few products that use solar energy:


These items are essential for any camper. Solar energy powers flashlights just fine, and in the long run you will save you a ton on batteries. It is possible to pick up a hybrid solar flashlight for $25 or less, and they come with very good warranties.

Foldable Solar Panels

These items are ideal for hikers, because they can charge up while you are on the move. Using generators or full size panels is simply impossible. These units are capable of powering something as small as a phone or GPS system to something as large a portable computer.

Foldable panels are much smaller and can be assembled to become the size of a typical wallet. Only 2 or 3 hours are needed to recharge. Then they can be attached to backpacks. They usually come with USB and other adapters. They are a lightweight and inexpensive choice.

One of the best portable solar panels in the Scout 150 Explorer Kit. The included panel makes up to 150 watts of power and is accompanied by a briefcase to carry it in. The Sherpa 120 Explorer Kit is another possible choice. It is compact and produces a good amount of power. For people searching for a device that charges mobile equipment like GPS units, iPods, or cell phones, the Guide 10 Adventure Kit will be ideal.

Final Thoughts

For people who are avid hikers, folding panels will make the best choice. They are simple to tote around because they are smaller in size. If a person will remain in one area for most of the trip, RV panels may work better. They weigh too much to lug around, but are perfect for those who will set them down and forget about them. No matter which one is selected, camping solar panels will make the activity much easier. It is important to research the options and shop around. This will assure a person will purchase the correct one to satisfy all needs.

Camping solar panels can make camping a lot more fun. They can power flashlights, batteries, other lights or anything else that runs on electricity. No doubt about it, camping solar panels are a good thing for camping. You can get more information at