Best Pointers for Hedge Cutting for Home gardeners

After the first couple of years when your hedge is getting established, it is vital that you regularly trim it to maintain the shape and thickness of the growth. In formal gardens hedges need trimming very regularly to maintain that ‘well manicured look’

It is best to keep the width of your hedge to not more than two feet with regular trimming for ease of maintenance. In more formal plantings, it is customary for the width at the top of the hedge to be narrower than at the base. The gardening phrase for this method is ‘cutting to a batter’.

Using strings pulled taut between two upright poles at either end of the section of hedge you are cutting will act as a guide to help you keep your line straight. This makes it so much easier, particularly if you have a long hedge where it is easy for the line to start to bow.

Informal hedges can be allowed to grow a little wilder and in this case, it is often sufficient to just prune the shoots which are growing over paths and walkways. The best way to do this to avoid getting brown edges on cut leaves is to use really sharp loppers.

On coniferous hedging, a petrol or electric trimmer is the easiest and quickest way to get the job done. In order to keep those fast growing coniferous hedges in check, it will be necessary to cut them about three times a year.

Don’t start hedge cutting until you are certain that you have got the right tools for the particular job you are going to tackle. It is important when considering buying powered hedge cutters to spend a little time and maybe a little more money getting exactly the right model for your garden and for your use. Because the blades of powered machines run at very high speeds and the motor has to work really hard, it is worth paying the extra to get the peace of mind and reliability you need.

Even though you would not want to be without a powered hedge trimmer when you have a big hedge to cut, for smaller jobs, it is really nice to go back to the hand-held clippers. Sometimes it is just nice to work in the garden without the sound of machinery and relax and enjoy creating a neat job of a small hedge with the shears.

It is important to cut cleanly without undue damage to the leaves so it is important to ensure your cutting tools are kept sharp. If you do not keep your blades sharp, after a few days, the edges of leaves that have been crushed and broken by blunt blades will turn brown.

The first part of any hedge to cut will be the sides. If you trim your hedges regularly, there will never be too much material to cut off at any one time.Once the sides are done, the top can be cut. When you have high hedging try not to lean on it when you are cutting the top. Not only could you have an accident and fall right through, but you could also damage the line you have been trying to create.

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