Can you use a new laptop computer

If only I could turn back time. I would truly enjoy being in an easier generation (for me, that is). The insanity of having a laptop computer drives me crazy! Why would I have a need for an electronic, little, black box?

I am not mechanically inclined. Apparently though, my grown children feel I need more work (that is how I feel about it). They seem to think their mom has been “in the dark ages” for entirely too long. After a huge debate, I agreed to their purchasing a laptop computer for me.

When the gift arrived at my house, I must admit, I was intimidated. I sat in my favorite chair, and carefully opened the package. I held my breath.

Packaging, bubble wrap and directions fell out as the new laptop computer faced me. Wow, I literally heard the “reek reek reek” of that movie with the large butcher knife and the shower curtain, as my terrified hands tried to open this contemporary disturbance.

Foam peanuts, wrapping and paperwork came from the bundle as the laptop computer lunged forth. Did you know, I swear I could hear the “reek reek reek” from that movie with the Norman Bates character, as my petrified hands pried open this electronic invasion.

I could not breathe. I could not think. “Can I survive this?” I thought frantically. “I am only a woman. I do nothing but, work all day. What makes anyone think I can deal with this monster!”

In my life, I have faced tornadoes, flooding, crop losses, this little laptop computer was not going to bother me. But then, there was something else I had to face.

My hands shook as I grabbed those directions and yes, they were intimidating! All the letters of the alphabet jumped before my sight! I saw no words only meaningless gibberish! My brain was aching! My eyes were dry! My temperature was rising!

Those intimidating instructions! I silently screamed as the words on the pages made no sense! My eyes were blind! My brain was tormented! My temperature was starting to boil!

I wanted to scream, run, throw, spit, cry or anything to stop the turmoil inside me! How was I going to learn to use this scientific demon which I allowed to enter my home! This laptop computer could definitely be the death of me!

I heard the ringing of my telephone and was thankful for the reprieve. I remember when my children first wanted me to get my cellular phone. It challenged me, also. I was happy to have it by my side now. It dawned on me, would I one day feel the same about my laptop computer? I answered my phone.

I opened my phone and heard the voice of my youngest child, “Mom?” “Did your laptop computer come today?” “How does it look?” “Are you getting acquainted with it?” “Do you like the little carrying case?” My child sure can jabber!

“I know you really hate electronics. But, this will help you stay in touch with the family. E-mail, the Internet. I will be down this week to help you understand how to use it and you will learn to love it. Don’t worry. I love you. Talk to you soon! Bye.”

Is it possible my laptop computer could also become my friend?

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