Carbonite Review: Straight-forward analysis upon Carbonite Backup Services

Carbonite backup is one the many online backup storage services available in the market today which are designed to provide alternative backup protection in the event of computer failures or natural catastrophes. This Carbonite review takes a closer look at the service and evaluates its features to see how it keeps up with the demands of the times.

Carbonite Backup Main Features

Carbonite charges an annual subscription fee of $54.95 which gives you unlimited backup capacity, encrypted storage, user-friendly procedures and technical support that comes in the forms of phone, live chat and email. This software runs on Windows XP, Vista and Macintosh.

Carbonite uses a single type of service which is applicable both for personal and business use. Currently, the service is free for a 15-day trial period with no credit card required.


There has been a lot of good feedback on many of Carbonite online backup features. Some of them include:

Easy to Use- The backup services supplied are easy to use, fast to install and the backup process is efficient.

Security – Files are encrypted before leaving your computer and are stored encrypted on Carbonite’s secured servers, completely safeguarding them from unauthorized access.

Works in the Background: Carbonite backup works seamlessly in the background without affecting your ability to do your work, or slow down processing.

Automated Backups: Once you install the software and perform your first backup you can rest easy that the automated backups will take care of themselves.

Reliable Service at Low Costs – Carbonite has attractive backup offers which are an affordable way to keep your files secure. With less than $5 per month you can be sure that your information is protected and secure.


Even if we take into account all the above excellent features, no backup service is flawless, thus neither is Carbonite. In fact, there some areas at which their users suggest improvements.

For one, while Carbonite’s customer support is better than most it still needs improvement according to some users. Some have complained that their queries aren’t answered as quickly as they’d like and the information they get isn’t as thorough as they had hoped. The fact they offer phone, chat, and email support is a good move, but they also have to pay more attention to the quality of help that they are giving, say some users.

Restoring files in volume or doing so to another operating system (e.g. Windows XP to Vista) has proven to be a difficult experience for some. Since the main intention of having an online storage backup is to have access to your files anytime you may need them, a complicated retrieval process can discourage users from utilizing the service.

It would also be good to remember that Carbonite’s automatic backup function only works for documents, photos, music files, email, and settings. Videos, programs files, and large individual files need to be selected for backup manually. However, once you select those files, they are automatically backed up from that point forward. This is very important to point out because some users have complained that they lost their videos after their computer crashed because they assumed they were being backed up when they were not.

Summary for Carbonite Review

Carbonite is one of the more reliable online backup services available today. It places a lot of emphasis on ease of use and security, which are two of the main considerations that home users look for. However, it is not perfect but none of these services are. There has to be some comprimise when you’re paying less than $5/month for unlimited online backup. The good news is, Carbonite and services similar to it continue to improve every year.

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