Carpet Cleaning Supply That You Can’t Do Without

Contrary to what most people believe, carpets need regular maintenance and care to keep them looking new and clean. This involves more than just a brush or a broom. There are all sorts of carpet cleaning supply items that you need to invest in to keep your rugs and carpets clean and germ-free.

Using Detergent

When cleaning a carpet, the first thing that comes to mind is the use of water and a bunch of soaps. Of course, not any kind of soap can be used. There are special detergents that have been specifically designed and manufactured for carpet cleaning. They usually come in the form of flakes or powders that are sprinkled over the carpet. These detergents are further “activated” with the sprinkling of water and they work by absorbing dirt inside the carpet threads.

After a period of time, these flakes can be wiped off with paper towels or swept and vacuumed up. Another way to use the detergent is to mix it with water and then scrub it into the carpet with a soft brush. The carpet can then be hung on a clothes wire outside and hosed down with tap water. Whatever the case, detergent must be a part of your carpet cleaning supply.


Although carpets may be cleaned using a broom, it is easier and more effective to use a vacuum cleaner. An ordinary vacuum that has good suction power is best.

The broom will then only be good for loosening deep-set dirt and dust. The vacuum gets rid of the dust that collects on the carpet almost completely. A broom cannot be as efficient so if you would are reaching for a clean carpet that is free of dust (and dust mites), you may have to invest in a vacuum to add to your carpet cleaning supply.

Using Towels and Rags

It seems that there is one common toiletry that will always a have a place in professional and house cleaning and that’s paper towels. Paper towels are very important in cleaning up spills and wiping away loose dirt. Rags also can be used in the same way and might even be a better choice because they can be washed and used again.

In any case, it is these towels and rags that you will be using the most when it comes to cleaning and drying up areas on your carpet. Keep a fresh stack of paper towels or rags handy in your carpet cleaning supply for your next carpet cleaning session.

A Jack of All Trades

If you don’t want to bother with a carpet cleaning supply cabinet that is full of carpet cleaning supply that you doubt you would need, then perhaps you may want to invest in a carpet steam cleaner. A steam cleaner basically does all the cleaning and disinfecting that you need without the need for detergents or sprays. However, the paper towels and rags will still come in handy for you to wipe off dirt in the areas that you have just steamed. In the end, the most common denominator is the paper towels.

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