Check on a supervised WordPress blogging workshop

I always have been finding out how product mini site and blog all these years building my own, but am unable one due to my limited knowledge in technical know-how to set up. Finally I am very grateful to learn how much easier is it to build mini website and blog blogging workshop with WordPress software from one. Especially after the workshop I learned WordPress a highly flexible open source software with SEO is built-in; facilitate it many Internet marketers, your site and want to increase blog ranking at no cost.

What I personally by benefits this workshop are:

(1) Training, how to register a domain name to a WordPress mini website/blog online to my interest to host. It is advantageous to create the website/blog so that it is much easier for us to answer queries from visitors present product related articles and readers to convince that we are the topic expert, and not merely marketers or product promoter after our interests.

(2) Tips on how to earn money from our product mini website/blog to earn additional passive income. Our goal is to sell our own physical or digital product on the website/blog. However, there are many other ways to promote other marketers products on our website/blog and it also earn a Commission from.

(3) Tips for improving your website/blog ranking in search engines without required, to the huge amount to pay it done. Even if you go to pay the easy way for high rankings are there no guarantee that there is long maintained. It is better to learn the technique. Although some hard work is required, it is much more sustainable in the long run as you the ability to acquire get it.

(4) Understand the difference between the characteristics of the website and blog. It is advisable to analyze whether our product/service is better suited to market from channel of distribution.Each product or service has a productive mode to draw in more traffic we have to find our marketing advantage. For example, employment placement service is better than a site be hosted as your customers know what you want before visiting your site, so it is only a question which attractive benefits package is offered you, which is anzieht.Dies what I called service to potential customers as a “must have”.

On the other hand, digital product is like, ‘how to earn passive income’ better market via a blog.I this referred to as a ‘ have good ‘ Produkt.Ein blog with constant information update and sincerely share may increase to build confidence your readers and credentials for yourself in the long run.People tend to ‘ good ‘ trust to buy products vendors, and blog is relationship and trust in the long run an excellent channel build.

After the workshop I succeeded, is my first descent, the great on the Search blog, but not so professional set up. encouragement for me after my first blog and online hosted, I a great sense of satisfaction and it motivated duplicate me to the same process my second blog, that with another WordPress theme for another product to create.The lesson I, is learned from this duplication process: We need a mechanism works not know (if we are not able), until we learn its applications, we can still the task done erhalten.Dank of mechanism Creator for your great contribution.

I change my perception of WORDPRESS theme, after I have examined the various flexible functions and have actually we can topics simply through our blog / my website WordPress edit only and need not create to achieve our desired feel, without much technical knowledge to do anpassen.So have the impression that only WORDPRESS is free; it has low or it is otherwise not Wert.stattdessen if you explore deeper in his features.

You can now KC’s WORDPRESS blogging workshop teilnehmen.Die is free only condition 1 year hosting service with the Organizer, is slightly cheaper than most hosting services to host.

If you want to create a blog/website and hosting fee already unavoidable is, why not join this workshop and win WORDPRESS expertise for free?

Jimmy Teo (MBA, UK, management consulting) has created finally on his blog, people after the workshop to do how you make money online.

Wicker chest with duplication application is created its product site.

“Learning how to fish WISER than a fish is given!”