Choosing The Right Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles can come in a multitude of shapes, size, color, patterns and textures. They form the underlying basis for any modern bathroom designs. Choosing the best tile designs can markedly affect the way your bathroom looks, changing its style and design.

The majority of tiles you find are manufactured out of ceramic because it is a very durable, cheap material which is resistant to damp. They are also very quick to clean and are usually quite safe when walking on a wet floor. Selecting non slip tiles for the bathroom can also increase safety which is important if you have a young family.

Choosing unglazed tiles usually would not be considered a wise choice as they absorb stains quite easily and are usually difficult to clean. You can select from many different shapes for your bathroom tiles like square, rectangle, slabs, diamond or even a hexagon shape.

You can add many different color combinations to your floor using tiles of different shapes and colors and even create mosaic like designs if you want to take this idea even further. You can also try using the same color combination for both the walls and floor or even lay them diagonal to get some interesting effects. It is possible to use different colors for the grout also, to add some style to your flooring.

Using bold colors with graphics as well as different combinations of shapes can give a more contemporary look. if you do this and combine it with contemporary styles of faucets and vanities you will achieve quite an elegant and modern look to your bathroom.

A Victorian or romantic look can be achieved by adding a few beautiful flowers onto floral soft colored tiles above a lovely hand-painted ceramic sink. One can also try mixing in some deep honey colored and red terracotta tiles to the bathroom to give a more Mediterranean feel. In fact your imagination is the limit in creating a beautiful looking modern style bathroom.

The colors you choose for your bathroom are paramount as they can make the difference between a bathroom that is uncomfortable to be in and one that is calm and relaxing. Colors can affect your mood quite markedly and it is worthwhile choosing ones that give a warm cozy feel. Using the services of an interior designer or even better a color consultant is often money well spent as you can often be assured that the colors you pick will be suitable so you will not be wanting to remodel the bathroom a couple of years down the line.

If you have chosen to replace your bathroom tiles or undertake a complete bathroom renovation project then picking the right tiles is of great importance. There are so many styles and designs available and it is important they complement your color scheme and furniture such as your bathroom vanities and faucets. This article looks the factors to consider when deciding on your tiles.

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