Cleanse Patch Review – Anatomy Of A Foot Patch

Overview Of The Cleanse Patch

The Cleanse Patch is a small patch that is placed on the bottom of the feet and is said to remove chemicals, toxins and waste from the body overnight. Used in Asia for decades, the cleanse patch gives promise to consumers of weight loss, more energy, more mental clarity, migraine relief, healthier joints, better nights sleep and better blood circulation. That’s right, all that from by wearing the patch while you sleep.

How Does The Cleanse Patch Remove Toxins?

To know how the cleanse patch works, one must know how the body becomes polluted. The cleanse patch web site describes how our everyday routines expose us to toxins such as the quality of the air we breathe, fast foods we eat, and even over the counter medicines we take. So how are the toxins removed? It is believed that gravity and our bodies own natural defense causes the impurities and toxins in our body to collect at our feet. By applying the Cleanse Patch to the feet, toxins are absorbed through the skin resulting in an increase to metabolism, reverse the aging process, shed excess pounds, and more. This is all achieved by the patches ability to stimulate the nerves in the feet.


The Cleanse Patch only includes three ingredients: organic tourmaline, organic agaricus mushroom and organic eucalyptus sap powder. The agaricus mushroom, actually refers to a large group of mushrooms, consisting of over 300 members. The Cleanse Patch does not provide any specific information on which variety of mushroom is in the Cleanse Patch. However, agaricus mushrooms are known for their immune boosting powers and may offer cancer protection. Eucalyptus sap powder is a powerful antiseptic and disinfectant. Tourmaline is a mineral, that dietary supplements claim generates negative ions, to soothe the body and increase circulation. However, tourmaline is mined as a gemstone and their appears to be no evidence to support this.

Pros and Cons to Consider

The Cleanse patch is extremely popular in Eastern Countries but has only been a topic of discussion in North American for a few years. Since the patch is not taken orally and just applied to the outside of the body, no side affects are evident. Keep in mind that no clinical trails have taken place regarding the patches ability to remove toxins. In fact, scientists believe it simply is not possible for anything to be extracted via skin because skin isn’t a permeable membrane. Also, the kidneys are responsible for filtering pollutants from the body via urine.

The interesting thing about the cleanse patch is that consumers absolutely love it. I strongly believe the effects felt while using the cleanse patch are more mental than anything else. Lab tests showed that the patches turning dark overnight were a normal chemical reaction to moisture i.e. the sweat from our feet. So, the nasty looking pads are not from toxins, rather just a case of moist feet. For the cost of a box, dieters may be better off investing that money into healthy food or some other alternate method of weight loss.

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