Collar Pins – Cost-Effective Marketing Tools

Giving a corporate gift is a step towards creating brand awareness and is an important part of any business strategy. It plays a multi pronged role in an organization and that is the reason why it is so important to choose the right gift.

Collar pins are colourful, stylish and appealing, and therefore are ideal articles to be presented in corporate circles. New design technologies in collar pins further enhance the usefulness of these pins as they can even have a company’s name imprinted on them. They can also be printed with the tagline of the organization or can be profiled like a specific product to make them more applicable.

It is their mind boggling range that makes collar pins sought after as a corporate gift for both staff and clients. As corporate gifts, they gratify both employees and customers, and therefore they help in employee retention and in yielding repeat business.

Cost is another factor that determines the choice of a corporate gift. The impact of collar pins is far more than their cost and therefore they are a great investment. People love collar pins for their utility and they are widely sported on all occasions, unlike most other presents, which are just kept at a single place like an ornament. As they can be put on daily when going to work, they are seen by a lot of people and thus the brand’s advertisement also takes place effectively.

However, companies should take into account some crucial aspects while making a decision to distribute collar pins as corporate gifts. They must ensure that they are durable enough as it will make sure that people wear them repeatedly.

Next, the designing of collar pins should be appealing enough to entice the recipients to wear them more often. However, if the pin is gaudy or if it lacks symmetry in design, then people may reject it. The practicality and suitability of use must be emphasized during the creation of design of collar pins so that the wearer doesn’t face any inconvenience.

Corporate gifts are a great way of marketing too, as gifts to prospective customers reach a wider population and give the company visibility among the target population. In this respect, collar pins fit the bill like no other corporate gift does. They are a time-tested marketing medium and have been successfully used by organizations for years. Companies that have not yet accorded due importance to collar pins as corporate gifts must wake up to the immense potential of this medium in developing a successful brand identity.

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