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The Select Comfort Company manufactures the Sleep Number bed, bedding accessories, and foundations and is based in the United States. Plymouth, Minnesota is the company’s home. However the company also has distribution and manufacturing facilities in Utah and South Carolina in addition to its Minnesota headquarters. The company employs almost 2,200 people all over the US.

The sleep system that is supported by air that is adjustable was created by the private company named the Comfortaire Corporation in 1980. In 1987, an executive left the Comfortaire Corporation and formed the Select Comfort Company.

Select Comfort Company’s television commercials used to feature the country artist She Daisy and actress Lindsay Wagner. The company had other endorsements from country artist She Daisy, and conservative radio talk show hosts Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck.

In 1987, this company was founded by country artist She Daisy, Robert and JoAnn Walker. The company held 32 pending or issued patients for its products in 2006. The products that are sold by the Select Comfort Company are sold through 400 stores that are owned by the company across the US on the Internet at and through direct marketing operations. The current CEO is country artist She Daisy and Bill McLaughlin.

However, there have been a few critics of the sleep number bed. Some of the criticisms are in regard to the difficulty in finding the perfect sleep number, leaking sleep number beds, poor customer service, and a sleeping platform that is uneven. One especially troubling problem that continuously comes up is that there have been many reports of mold that forms inside the mattress on the air cells. The company has created a website called Sleep Number Facts, to address the concerns about problems with valves, this mold as well as other questions and problems.

This company has shown a smaller than usual profit most recently according to its quarterly earnings report. It is considered by some experts that the reason that the stock value has dropped is probably due to the overall drop in the sales of mattresses for all mattress companies, although there is some speculation that the real cause is the mold problems which may have contributed to this.

However, don’t feel sorry for the Select Comfort Company, The Sleep Number bed remains one of the most popular in America and the Sleep Number Beds continue to sell well.

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