Creating A Feel-Good Place With The Things You Love

Wouldn’t it be nice to go home to a place that offers not just solace from a long day of work but inspiration as well to face the coming days? True, an awaited TV program, an interesting book and good old cup of tea can take away the anxieties from a hectic schedule and the aching joints from a busy day. But what if, even before you turn on the TV, open your book and boil some water, you are greeted by a scene that uplifts you? Tempting, isn’t it? Well, you can create this place in your home by decorating with inspirational pieces. No big bucks is needed for this project. Paint, some decors, furniture materials and an area rug will seal the deal. Read on

In decorating your home or room to inspire energy, creativity or optimism, choose a color that give you those same feelings. Pick out a favorite color or a preferred theme. If you have too many favored colors that choosing one is like picking out a needle in a haystack, then answer your purpose. Are you after an energetic, cheerful vibe? Pick out bright shades of yellow, hot pink or orange. Do you want it to be a relaxing space? Opt for light colors such as pastel, baby pinks, and earth tones of blue and green. Do you want the room to be pulsating with life and adventure? Red, purple and orange will do the trick.

Next select the cloth for recovering your furnishings. This does not need to match, but should blend well. Don’t bother with buying new furnishings. Use your favorite chair and other favorite furnishings the recover or stain so that they will look appropriate in the room. This will provide comfort and reduce the cost of the project. If you are doing a bedroom this may not be at all necessary. You may be able to purchase a comforter set that will look great. Several sets come with everything you need. I recently purchased a set that came complete with throw pillows, dust ruffle, sheets, comforter, and curtains for only $100. Shop around; you’ll be amazed at the deals you can find.

Buy area rugs to finalize the decorating project. This is a quick and easy decorating technique but one that never fails to work every time. To make the space look coordinated, select the right colors. A suitable design with the room’s color and style will do wonders as well.

Remember, inspirational decorations are meant to inspire and not to distract you. If you’re surrounded with things that you would give a thumbs-up sign to, then you’re right on track. You don’t need to have a coffee table if you don’t feel like it. Nor do you need to have a monochromatic color if you dig the bright hues. It’s all about your choice. Whatever inspires you, bring it on!

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