Days at the Beach with an Outdoor Instant Shelters Marquee

It’s difficult to say why the memories of summer stand out so prominently in the mind. The extra dose of sunshine and heat seems to awaken the inner child in all of us, drawing us to the beach and the inviting ocean. Whatever it is, there’s nothing like spending a day at the beach with great friends and family.

As we’ve all learned over time, overexposure to the sun can also have its drawbacks. Besides the fatigue that will set in from the heat, the potent UV rays can prove harmful to the skin. Sometimes a trip to the beach can turn out to be a real disappointment, like when the weather turns foul and sends everybody home in a bad mood.

When you are prepared for any type of weather, you can almost never have a bad day at the beach. By all means, you should hope for clear skies but be ready for whatever might happen. When you are set up with a marquee from Outdoor Instant Shelters, you will be able to fight sun and rain with equal efficiency.

For those with fair skin, an Outdoor Instant Shelters marquee will allow for that much-needed break from sun exposure, without separating you from the rest of your party. Nearly 100% of harmful UV rays are blocked by the marquee’s covering.

Picnics at the beach will be a rousing success with the shelter of a marquee. The food you brought along will stay fresh with the added protection, while the drinks in your cooler will stay ice cold.

The marquee acts as a surfer’s best friend. You can store your wetsuit and surfboard underneath, without worrying the wax will melt off the board, or that the wetsuit will become scorched by the sun.

Predicting the weather is never an exact science — even for the professionals — so it’s never a good idea to rely on the forecasts. While a picture-perfect day may appear to be looming, a storm front could just be a few kilometers away. Likewise, when you see menacing clouds coming your way, it may just be a quick shower and then disappear. Either way, when you have an Outdoor Instant Shelters marquee there to protect you, you won’t be chased off the seashore until you decide the time has come. Watch the crowds run for cover, while you and your friends have a snack.

For all of the benefits of the Outdoor Instant Shelters marquees, there is not much effort required to erect one. Two people can finish the job in about sixty seconds.

An Outdoor Instant Shelters marquee has three sides, so on a pleasant day you can just keep a roof over your head, while on a windswept afternoon you can block the flying sand from getting mixed in with your belongings and bothering everyone.

To maintain your privacy on even the most hectic day at the seaside, you will be able to retreat within the marquee. The three walls can keep out the sight and sounds of the crowd, allowing you to focus solely on the waves rhythmically lapping at the shore.

Byron Jonas uses pop up shelters every time he takes his family to the beach. Shade shelters offer protection from the wind and sun, keeping his family safe while they have fun. Visit the Uber Article Directory to get a totally unique version of this article for reprint.