Dream Baby Swing Gate Is Great

They are very sturdy as well because both my 10.5 month old twins enjoy standing up and hanging onto the bars. I’ll try to update this review if the latter changes. As for the gates themselves, the top latches pretty much never work, but the gates can be used without them.

The manufacturer says NOT to put two extensions on one side but we were desperate and did it anyway. I run an in home daycare and this is perfect for keeping the little ones in the daycare area! I am always a little skeptical about quality when the cost is less than other comparable products. The only downside is that it takes a few minutes and a little patience to get it installed correctly– but once it’s in, it’s perfect!

You can open the gate either to you or away from you and it automatically closes when you let go.

Installs easily, no funky mounting brackets, no strange hinges. I have been very impressed with these gates.

I bought this item (I actually purchased two) because I needed to keep some dogs from going into a specific room. Awesome buy. I use it for a dog gate and it is perfect. Old going through the gate, he doesn’t always check behind him. Very pleased for the price!

I’m actually ordering another one for a different doorway. Oh, do not expect any manual or guide for the installation. Very glad I ordered it. The pressure mount is not designed for most situations where there is molding.

My only complaint is that the swing shut feature doesn’t always latch. We like it MUCH better than having to take down and put up the gate that we had there before. Neither gate came with the little wrench that it shows in the demo video. My wife and I bought two of these for the top and bottom of our stairs. Amazing!

I cannot imagine what a pain it would have been to order the extensions separately. Tightening the knobs to secure the gate means that the torque created as a result pulls up the gate at the bottom (even with my husband standing on it) and causes the mounting cups that were aligned before tightening to no longer be in the right place. Its very similar to the one munchkin makes but it cost a lot less.

I love this baby gate read more!