Dry Foam Rug Cleaning

The dry foam treatment of carpets is, as the name infers, a choice to using normal liquid carpet cleaners. The material of moisture in the foam is so low that it's described as dry foam (90 % air – 10 % liquid). The dry froth devices are generally kitted out with a stress storage tank, which you can optionally pour water and shampoo into it

A compressor will work to convert the option into foam which is dispensed all over the carpet making use of a rotating round brush. The brush will work to comb the foam through the piles of the carpet so that each explicit fiber of the carpet is cleaned.

To do success, you need to ensure that the bubbles being produced are of uniformed size so the froth can complete the cleaning procedure before it is dissipated. Once it has dried, the carpet is then absolutely vacuumed to remove the dried crystals of dirt that've been left.

Below, are the actions to the dry foam treatment:.

1. First of all, vacuum the carpet and remove all of the discolorations that you potentially can.
2. Mix the dry foam solution according to the instructions of the maker.
3. Shampoo the carpet then once it has essentially dried, vacuum the carpet.
4. Depending on the kind of carpet you have, groom the pile to hurry the drying process.
5. Finish the work by using a furnishings leg pad or block to get rid of furniture decolorations or rust.


The method of dry froth cleaning can covering lots of area in a short period of time. There is not really any threat involved in saturating the carpet merely since the wetness.material is low. This could also help you to reduce the concerns that are frequently connected with over wetting.


The dry foam approach can removing ordinary levels of soil. There is however a possibility of inappropriate remnant and soil build up if the device you are using has insufficient extraction capacities.

Dry froth is the perfect approach of choice if you have older carpet if you'd like to get your carpet as clean as practical. You can rent a device at your regional office or carpet shop if you don't think you’ll utilise it enough to purchase a carpet cleaner of your own. They don't cost that much to lease, which is fantastic for those that just wish to offer it a go and see exactly what happens.

Dry froth carpet washing isn’t truly that tough to do, as you will be fine regardless of if you haven't any experience.with these types of machines. The above details will help you greatly, and if you follow it, you should not have any issues. Dry foam can make a carpet appearance amazing, so long as you follow the manufacturers directions on mixing the dry foam solution. When you have actually completed cleansing your carpet with dry foam, you will probably find yourself falling for the outcomes.

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