Easy Quilting Patterns

Many people around the world still have quilting as their favourite hobby.Quilting has many challenges that come with and of this is finding straightforward or undemanding patterns to work with.Are you looking for an easy pattern to work on and are tired of the same ole pattern? Below are a number of patterns that can be completed by beginners to quilting or seasoned quilters.One good thing about these patterns is that you can easily complete for example a babys blanket in less than 24 hours.

Whole cloth quilts.Some people will argue that this is not a real quilt but it is.This is just as it sounds a whole piece of cloth or fabric that is the same as a pieced together quilt.It also has a top with batting as well as backing.It just has the patter stitched into it.This makes for a very fast project and they are great for people who are just starting out.

Denim rag quilts is another easy pattern.They are very strong and comfortable quilt and can easily be found on the internet.It is easy because the pieces are very easy to come by. All you may need is just some old recycled Jean.It can be used outdoor easily and is best for quilter who hate dealing with binding.

Log Cabin quilt is another pattern in quilting and it is regarded as one of the most fashionable since it is exceptionally quick to do.One fascinating thing about this pattern is that it is one of the most colourful projects you can have and it has a total of 13 types of fabrics in one block.For those who are just beginning, it is said that the quilt can top can be completed in less than a day since it is just a straight line that needs to be done.

Quilting is not only a talent but also a gift that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and in every situation.In case you may have an upcoming event,dont hesitate taking one of the above patterns along.It wont waste your time.All it take for a quilting beginner to complete a quilt in time is to carefully chose a good fabric and also go along with a pattern that will go along with their fabric to make it a complete success.So it doesnt matter if you are going for a bridal shower,a baby shower or to watch some firework just make a quilt your way to go.

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