Essential Facts About Sun Tanning Lotion

It is not unusual to encounter people who have a hard time differentiating sunblocks from a sun tanning lotion. These two actually have a lot of differences though. While sunblocks have been formulated to reflect UVB and UVA rays, protecting your skin surface, sun tanning lotion, on the other hand, have ingredients that react to these, enhancing the process of darkening the skin.

All types of sun tanning lotion contain more or less the same ingredients. When people try to strengthen their skin colors, what they are doing is actually manipulating the melanin in their skin. Melanin refers to the protein which causes skin darkening when exposed to UV rays from the sun. It is actually there for skin protection but a lot of people choose to manipulate this for beauty.

Sun tanning lotion can help enhance the capability of melanin to make your skin much darker. The amino acid known as tyrosine is one ingredient that makes this possible. Although it occurs within your body naturally, if you prefer having tans that are more noticeable, you can still utilize melanin in a more topical way.

One misconception with regards to sun tanning lotion that is common among people is its ability to protect the skin. Most people have established this thinking that these lotions can provide protection as strong as sunblocks. However, the contrary happens actually. Sun tanning lotion enhances skin sensitivity to light even more.

Most sun tanning lotion are created with SPF. This is an ingredient which offers protection, ultimately preventing damages from extreme heat. The greater the SPF level of a sun tanning lotion is, the more protection it is able to offer. Using lotions is also much more preferable as compared to tanning bare.

Other people prefer getting lotions that have DHA among the active ingredients. DHA is one ingredient that helps in oxidizing the skin. It gives skin surfaces the bronze appearance even without sunlight. A sun tanning lotion with bronzer is most recommended especially for people with dark or medium complexion. These types are best for those who do not plan to swim as the substances can look streaky and may even be washed off.

Before going through with the application, exfoliating the skin should first be done. Using washcloths will often suffice for this. These need to be massaged on to skin surfaces gently and in a rotating motion. Harsh scrubbing is best avoided as this causes rashes and breakouts. Moisturizing is equally as important to prevent dry spots from soaking the excess of sun tanning lotion.

Applying shall be done in strokes that are broad and even. It may help to utilize synthetic and natural makeup sponges to do this. In order to do back application, seeking help from other people is recommended. If this will not be possible though, using natural sea sponges which have been attached to handles can be resorted to.

Try to make use of different forms of protection for your body when tanning with a sun tanning lotion. You might want to wear a hat to protect your head from the severe, piercing heat. Sometimes, sunlight can turn out too strong that you will start to feel headache and get dizzy.

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