Establishing Good Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Hardwood floors not only add elegance to any location, but add value to the property as well. However, it is important that proper hardwood floor maintenance be done on a regular basis. This is not a difficult job for the property owner.

When making this kind of purchase it is important to select the correct type and species that will compliment the surroundings. There is a choice of solid wood or laminate. Laminate wood flooring is composed of three layers, which are the top designer layer, the inner core, and the backing.

Once the floor is in place proper maintenance will allow for a lifetime of beauty in the home or business. In reality, the estimated life of this type of installation is 100 plus years. To maintain this high quality it is sometimes necessary to hire a professional if severe damage should occur.

Anyone with this type of floor wishes it to retain that ‘new’ look which adds to the beauty of a room. The owner can easily do daily maintenance by vacuuming or gentle sweeping. On occasion, the applying a special wood cleaning product may be required to bring back the original appearance.

The majority of new installations are coated with polyurethane to guard the wood. Over time, this material may wear off in spots and have to be replaced. While this can be done by the owner, as a rule it is best to have a professional maintenance person do this. He or she can make the floor look new again.

Some people like to apply wax to the surface to make a better shine. This can be maintained with regular vacuuming, dust mopping, and using a buffer. If buffing no longer produces a shine, it will be necessary to re-wax. Hardwood floor maintenance is not difficult if it is done on a regular basis. It is important that vinyl or tile care products never be used on wood as they make a slippery surface.

Installing new hardwood floors requires precision and attention to detail. Count on Oak Tree Floors to make your wood floors look brand new with our affordable wood floor refinishing services.