Every Good Scrapbook Page Layout Needs This

If you had to describe scrapbooks in just one word, chances are it would be “fun”. Scrapbooking is undeniably a fun hobby; making a scrapbook is fun, they’re fun to flip through and they’re a perfect way to remember those fond memories. Scrapbooking is popular precisely because it’s so fun – and this is a hobby which has an enduring appeal to people of every age and every lifestyle.

Aside from providing you with a fun and unique way of remembering events and significant details that took place in your life, scrapbooks are also one of the many tools in which you can express yourself. You don’t need to be artistic to create your own scrapbook. However, there are some things that you should bear in mind when making a scrapbook to make it functional as well as exciting to look at. Number one on the list is the page layout.

There are no hard and fast rules about scrapbook page layouts. In fact, you don’t want to follow a format which makes every page look identical; this takes a lot of the fun out of making and looking at your scrapbook. However, what you should do is to make sure that every page incorporates something which makes it interesting enough to stop and have a closer look. There’s no certain order to arrange the following elements, just make sure that these are added into every page in as far as it’s possible to do so.

Margin: Scrapbooks need margins – these are the spaces you leave at the edge of each page to allow you to attach your pages to each other. Whether you plan to sew your pages together or attach them by another method, your margin is where this will be done.

The second thing that you should remember regarding scrapbook margins is that it should allow you, or the one leafing through it, free space to turn the pages. This is simply to avoid damaging the elements, specifically the decorative elements, which you placed in each scrapbook page.

Paper Variety. Another thing is paper variety. With this, try to use a different paper for each page. The difference can be the paper’s color, feel, or decorations.

Photos and/or illustrations: Scrapbooks are a very visually oriented medium, so photos are a must. If you don’t have a photo to add to a page, consider using some clip art or drawing something in yourself. Images make your pages more interesting and fun to look through.

Captions: Captioning your photographs when you can is a good idea. It’s fun to go back and read these captions later – and they can remind you just who was in that group photo as well as when and where the picture was taken.

Decorative accents: No scrapbook is truly complete without some purely decorative accents added. These should be on every page and can be almost anything you like: ribbons, paper cutouts, decorative borders, stickers, buttons, lace, painted elements, really anything.

Date: Include dates in your scrapbook – dates of photos, the date you made the page or the time in your life that a given page is about. In many ways, a scrapbook is like a diary; it contains memories of your life, so including a reference to time can make the pages of your book more interesting to go back and read next week or years from now.

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