Extensive Lead Testing Can Prevent Many Fatalities

The only secure way of establishing an accurate result of lead testing San Diego area would be to consult an expert. Because of the danger it poses to children, they should be tested when they are a year old, two years and again before they start school. For this purpose the Public Health Service is offering help and advice to all citizens as the aim is to curb contamination and prevent fatalities.

The problem starts out when the harmful substance is unknowingly consumed. It may also be inhaled in workplaces where it is used and particles end up in the air. The effect cannot easily be observed as the victim looks quite normal and healthy. Children that go untested may permanently damage their well-being.

Brain defect, kidney problems or an impaired nervous system could be the end result of the ailment. Depending on the level of defilement, the child’s overall development could slow down. Serious case scenarios are those that fall into a coma and also death.

The metal is present everywhere and most people are not aware how dangerous it really is. There is a law whereby renovation done to buildings older than 1979 has to be performed by registered re-modelers that know how to deal with contaminated paint. On and before 1979 this particular metal was used in abundance in paint and many old buildings may still have it on the walls.

It has to be removed by certified specialists to contain the poison and prevent further contamination and spreading. Suitable x-ray machines are used to monitor the existence and toxic consistency of the painted surfaces. After a clean-up operation, the homeowner can safely sell the house at a good market price.

Obtaining a blood analysis from a registered clinic is the only reliable way to determine the result of lead testing san diego city area. Home test kits have flooded the market since the public has been made aware of the dangerous effects of the metal. Some kits have been tested by certified authorities and found to be inaccurate as well as misleading. Consumers are cautioned not to use the products.

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