Features And Advantages Of Ergonomic Office Furniture Design

Office furniture forms a critical part of the office interior, and it should be in sync with the office design. It should also be ergonomic in design to make sure that employees develop no physical problems after extended use of the furniture.

More than one third of an ordinary employee’s day is spent in the office, and if the office furniture results in his discomfort and body ache, then it may pose serious threat to his health. Therefore it is critical for employers to make sure that office furniture, particularly office chairs, are designed to maximize employees’ comfort.

Any buy of office chairs should be made only after making sure of a few things. Steadiness, convenient mobility and adjustability are the three aspects that must decide your choice of office chairs. Employees should be able to comfortably place their hands on the arm rests and be able to fix the seat height according to their convenience. The chair should allow for easy movement of limbs so that there are no hurdles for the employee while he or she is busy at work. The most vital aspect of an office chair is its back support. It should provide enough comfort to the occupant and create no stress to his or her spine, and it needs to be optimally cushioned and curved for this purpose.

The second most crucial element of office furniture is office desks. Their height must be just correct and they must have ample space to enable the person to do both computer as well as paperwork. Small office desks are very uncomfortable and compel the worker to take awkward sitting positions that may cause painful cramps and backaches.

The placement of office furniture also plays a crucial role in the overall ergonomic setting of the work place. Workstations must have sufficient space in between so that staff can walk or carry objects easily without bothering a worker busy at his workstation.

If the office furniture is designed while keeping ergonomics in mind, the employees stay more effective and productive at work and also lead happier lives. An ergonomic workstation permits an employee to properly organise and manage his work and also offers a pleasant and stress free environment.

Office design should always be such that the physical inconvenience is ideally zero or at least minimised for the workers. The office interior must target at building ideal working conditions for employees, decreasing health risks and maximising their efficiency, thereby ensuring the growth of the company.

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