Features Of The Bosch Kettle Models

Shopping for an electric teapot can be challenging. There are many shapes, sizes, and features offered by different brands. The quality also varies, depending on manufacturer and sometimes even model. Those who choose a Bosch kettle find little variation in quality or features, with most individuality between models being based around design.

One of those features that they generally have is a cordless pitcher. Rather than dragging a plug around when pouring hot water, the pitcher gets power from a separate base. A connector, similar to that used on a home deep fryer, provides power to the heating element. This also makes it safer to use after cleaning or filling, with less risk of electric shock from a damp plug.

Similarly useful are the viewing panels. These see-through windows allow users to see exactly how much water is currently held. This is both safer and more efficient than opening the lid and looking into boiling water, or the alternate of guessing. Best of all, knowing how much water will be heated makes it easier to figure out how long it will take to boil.

Inside every pitcher is a very powerful heating element, the part that makes the water hot. In most models in this range, the element is not out in the open. Depending on the style, this can keep mineral build-up from collecting on the heater. It can also keep small hands from touching the hot coil, or the coil from breaking during washing or use.

These are not small jugs, either. The most common options hold and heat 1.5 or 1.7 liters of liquid. This makes them the ideal size for small office or home use. With more room than many electric water boilers, they require fewer trips to fill, and waste less time going back and forth to the sink or water dispenser.

Finally, those who use tap water will be happy though unsurprised to find a small filter in the spout. This is included with all jugs, and keeps mineral deposits out of teacups and instant noodles. While regular cleaning or using bottled water can limit the need for this feature, many users still find it nice to have.

When choosing a small water boiler for the kitchen, for use with tea, hot drinks, or even simple steam treatments, a Bosch kettle may be the right choice. The features and quality are consistent across the range. Far better, the stylish designs will fit with most decor. The brand offers a catalog providing both form and function, and a warranty to provide additional comfort.

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