Find Divorce Records In New York Online

Vital records are among the most important legal documents around. In fact, almost any official transaction will require the presentation of some kind of vital document, whether it’s a birth certificate, death report, or a divorce decree. In the Empire State, New York divorce records are accessible through the state’s certification unit of the Vital Records Section office. Civilians who require a certified copy of their own divorce record must visit the state office to submit their request.

Getting access to precise and comprehensive copies of vital reports is not as difficult as most people think. If you know which agency to approach and what the procedures are, it should be that tough to obtain the information you want. Or those who have no experience in filing a vital record request, the task may seem monotonous or boring. None of us are looking forward to spending time in a government office, but government agencies are continually making an effort to make the process easier and more convenient to the general public.

Requesting a certified copy of a divorce report will cost you around thirty dollars per copy. For the more recent charges and request procedures, you can contact the state office by phone. The divorce reports maintained by the certification unit of the state’s Vital Records Section go all the way back to January of 1963. For records of divorces that were filed in the city of New York, you will need to file your request at the city clerk’s office.

If the state office can’t locate the divorce certificate you requested, you may have to contact the county clerk in the county where the divorce was granted. Processing fees and procedures may vary between each county, so you should do a little research or visit the New York State official website for more information. The webpage contains contact numbers and additional details pertaining to the 62 counties in the state of New York.

The New York State Archives office keeps vital documents that are much older than most papers maintained by both state and county offices. It is also a reasonable source of public information if you are doing genealogy or personal history research. The documents stored in the State Archives office can be traced back to 1847. In the colonial times, requests for the dissolution of marriages were handled by the Supreme Court for the counties where it was petitioned. Those divorces that were granted during 1787 up to 1847 are available at the State Archives office.

On the other hand, for a more cost-effective and practical way to obtain public divorce records, the Internet is the ultimate source for this kind of information. Albeit government offices are quite efficient in disseminating public documents, they lack the convenience that most people look for in such transactions. For a small one-time fee, you will already have unrestricted access to the online data provider’s comprehensive database of vital reports, from birth records to divorce information. In addition, you will also have access to all public documents from all fifty states, including some US territories. There is literally no need to go out just to obtain an individual’s personal history.

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