Finding A Good Lice Removal Specialist

A good lice removal specialist is very important for those unfortunate enough to have come into contact with these irritating little bugs. Although in themselves harmless, lice bite into the skin of their host causing itching and irritation. If left untreated the scratching can lead to secondary infections.

Like any insect related issue, lice come with a social stigma. Many people are extremely embarrassed and do not know what to do. The first step should be to go on line to one of the many reputable sites and learn all about this lousy problem. Most people make the mistake of over reacting and handling the situation in a less than effective way.

School children between the ages of five and twelve are the most likely to be infected. They are in close contact with each other and often share hats and hair brushes. Youngsters should be taught not to do this as it increases their chances of becoming infested. Parents also need to be educated about the situation and learn how to minimize their child’s chances of having lice.

Before there is ever a problem the parents should purchase one of the specially made metal combs. Plastic ones are often sold cheaply, but are mostly ineffective and a waste of time. The plastic teeth bend and do not remove the nits properly. Only the metal combs are really effective and should be used regularly.

Parents need to understand that any substance applied to the scalp is immediately absorbed into the blood stream. Repeated use of harsh chemical shampoos can have a damaging effect on the nervous system of a young child. The recommended method of dealing with the lice is to use a special comb.

The affected person’s hair should be washed as usual and then soaked in a generous amount of conditioner. It should be combed through to remove all the tangles. Then a special nit comb should be used to slowly and carefully go through the entire head. The comb is easy to use, but caution is important as it is easy to scratch the scalp.

Most specialists recommend the metal combs. These seem to do a much better job of removing the adult insects and the eggs, typically known as nits. This process does take some time and has to be repeated until all traces of the problem are gone. Many parents keep their children on a maintenance program and routinely inspect their hair every few weeks.

A good lice removal specialist can advise a family on how to treat the problem without having to use toxic shampoos. A careful and systematic preventative program is by far the most effective. Those dealing with their first case of lice are often horrified. It is important to understand that it is not the sign of a dirty home or neglected children. Approximately ten million children are affected by this problem every year in the Unites States alone.

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