Finest Christmas Toys For This Year Are?

Christmas time is here! It’s time to figure out the best toys to get for that special girl or boy on your Christmas list. What is one to do? With all the choices via the television, or the radio, or the newspaper, or the web, or the “you fill in the blank”, it leaves one in a state of confusion. No worries, we are here to help you navigate the cloudy waters of Christmas gift giving, and help you find those finest Christmas toys. Here are our top three picks:

It seems that everywhere we go these days “Guitar Hero” is there as well. It seems that every boy and girl is playing this game these days. It’s basically a game where you listen to your favorite songs, and click on this little input device in rhythm with the lyrics (very simplistic I realize). With so many kids addicted to this game, what are they supposed to do when they are away from home? “Miniature Guitar Hero” is here to provide some relief. In a nutshell, it’s a miniature version of the real thing. Battery operated, it’s only 6″ long, and with a fold-down neck for easy transport, you can take it almost everywhere (but not underwater). It has 5 wav tone buttons and a “whammy bar” to sustaaaaaaaain those long notes. It comes packed with some of the hit songs from Guitar Hero I and Guitar Hero II…songs like: (1) Smoke on the Water, (2) Killer Queen, (3) You’ve Got Another Thing Coming, (4) and Surrender. If you are just a beginner, or a real pro, this little item will be able to fit your level…it has 5 levels of play available. Be sure to give this little gem a look over…

Remote control helicopters (RC Helicopters) are fun, Fun, FUN! You can take off, fly around, and land. How fun is that? Well, this next item we are about to introduce takes RC Helicopter flying to a whole new level. With the Havoc Heli Laser Battle 2 RC Helicopter Pack you can participate in actual dogfights. How does this work? Well, each helicopter is equipped with a laser and an infrared sensor. If you score a direct hit onto the opposing helicopter’s infrared area with your laser, you will send it crashing to the ground. You may be able to celebrate now, but beware, the next time around it might be your turn to spiral downward. These little helicopters are small and light enough (a mere 6.5″ long) to fly around the house, yet they can be operated in the great outdoors as well. Three frequency bands are available, so three friends can fly separate helicopters at the same time. No glue, no tape, no fuss, they are ready to fly right out of the box. Be sure to check this popular little item out…

Everyone likes to be recognized for their accomplishments…but what about those “almost” times? What if you have played baseball all your life, but have never been able to win the championship? What if you have entered poetry contests for years, but have never been able to win? Everyone would love to be the next American Idol, but so few of us (myself included) will ever be able to achieve this goal. No matter…we have just the thing. For every boy and girl who deserves to be recognized, “Build Your Own Reward” is here to the rescue. With the customization service that this company provides you will be able to create a special reward for every boy and girl through the following three, easy steps:

The 3 Steps Are:

#1 is : Determine the type of award that you would like to give to that special boy or girl. This can be either a trophy, medal or plaque.

#2 is : Time to choose that special figure or emblem. Then pick a color.

Step #3 – Personalize it. For example, you could say something like “To My Loving Son. In My Eyes You Will Always Be a Baseball Star”.

The company that offers this service has been in business for over 50 years, so they certainly know their stuff. They have competitive pricing and quality service, and offer all types of awards, trophies, plaques and medals.

So there you have it, our top toy picks for this Christmas Season. The Finest Christmas Toys web site has more top picks, and ordering information, so navigate over and check them out.

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