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On April 22, 1970, nearly 30 years ago first Earth Day was celebrated. Because of the new focus of the planet great studies have been made in fixing the planet. Yet, little has been done to fix our kids. Earth Day

Richard Louv, child advocacy expert, directly blames the lack of nature in the lives on today’s wired generation. He calls this phenomenon nature-deficit order and he links it to some of the most alarming trends for our kids. Including rises in obesity, attention disorders, and depression. Kids in Nature

For years traditional summer camps have been promoting the outdoors and informing children about nature. Today the term summer camp means every thing from traditional outdoor camps to computer camps and everything in between. Yet if you want your child to gather greater appreciation for the environment have your child attend Swift Nature Camp. Environmental Camp

As an Outdoors Summer Camp, the focus is to blend traditional summer camp activities with an appreciation for nature and environment. We make Nature Fun! Here are some campers thoughts..

“Swift combines the best summer activities with learning. We have fun. doing all the activities but it the beauty of the nature that makes this place special”

“We see nature all around and learn from it all and we dont even have to go to school.”

” the Nature Center has so many critters. I really like the Goat. …I brought my hamster SAM .”

We have a lot of songbirds. If you listen, you can hear a lot of robins, cardinals, woodpeckers, but its the loons at night that make camp amazing”

Camp Director Lonnie says” It ‘s excitement that makes our Science Camp work.” Our catch and relaease Frog hunts are most popular. Adventure trips like canoing and hiking really bring it all together.”

As an environmental camp SNC shines, but it’s our small size that allows us to help each camper with their development. At summer camp children will have an opportunity to act on their own, be self-reliant and try things for themselves. THis is all part of growing up.

Our Counselors are wonderful role models that promote perseverance, listening, teamwork and appreciation of differences, campers set new and high standards for their own behavior. This in turn brings their new found independence more in linewith what yu are trying to do at home. We are on your side.

We see Swift Nature Camp as an opportunity for each child to come to a new place and try new things and make new friends. Summer camp is a new world. Who you were before has no bearing on who you want to be, because camp is a new beginning. Many of our campers return year after year saying that “Swift allows me to be my real self with real people” and we feel that’s a good thing.

For campers and staff the Northwoods provides a perfect environment for as a summer home. See what all the excitement is about.

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