Fixing Xbox 3 Red Lights Problem

So, what precisely do you do when your Xbox 360 rolls over and dies on you? What do you do when the shock’s worn off and staring you in the face is your Xbox 360 and its 3 red lights of death?

The answer? Don’t panic.

Until now, the Xbox 360’s three red lights have been a signal that your console is dead and your gaming days are over. That was because all the techniques known to fix the general hardware failure the three red lights on your Xbox 360 signify were ineffective.

You don’t want to send your console back to Microsoft, right? Not when it costs upwards of $140, and definitely not when you consider it’ll be as long as 8 weeks before it’s returned to you. No, that’s certainly not the solution to ridding yourself of the Xbox 360’s three red lights of death.

You don’t want to break the case of your Xbox 360 yourself, do you? Once you are within, the old fixes require you to get your soldering iron out and do the work that only talented technicians should be doing. Your Xbox 360 is a serious piece of equipment, after all. It’s not a kettle!

All that leaves you with are the myth fixes, and the urban legends. Wrap your console in a towel – that’ll get rid of the Xbox 360’s 3 red lights, right? Lean the console to forty five degrees and store the power adaptor vertically – can’t fail to lose the three red lights, am I right?

These parable fixes are as absurd as they sound. And you’re still going to be stuck with your Xbox 360 and its 3 red lights of death.

Relax, though . Because now there is a straightforward, easy solution when you run into those three red lights on your Xbox 360. And this is coming directly from tech pros who know the internal workings of the Xbox 360 better than anybody else. These pros have encountered hundreds of Xbox 360s with those three red lights glowing, and each time they’ve used this simple solution to get the console running again in less than 2 hours. In fact, they even guarantee their method will rid your Xbox 360 of its 3 red lights within 2 hours!

You can use their system with total confidence. They offer full purchaser support, from real people. They offer detailed video help texts that will guide you through every step of the easy process. And that guarantee is worth discussing again : you’ll be gaming again on your Xbox 360 in less than 2 hours.

Those 3 red lights will be a weak memory.

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