Forget Monthly Fees – Free HD Channels Directly On PC

A lot of people are switching back to their old rabbit ears because they just cannot afford to pay for cable anymore. Most people would like more than just local channels though, and SatelliteDirect provides this for a great price. With Netflix offering such a great solution, it offers a good reason to have a computer connected to a television to offer a more traditional viewing experience. And with a new product called Satellite Direct, it is now an even more viable alternative than Netflix. Using your PC as a DVR is just another reason to connect your PC to your TV because you can store episodes of series online from Satellite Direct on your computer’s hard drive.

Certain situations allow for a simple fix with one high quality cable. This HDMI cable is available online or at any local electronics retailer. There are some requirements for your devices to work together with this cable however. The computer and the television must both have HDMI, or a separate adapter or adapters must be purchased. HDMI offers great picture quality and has become the standard for connected a high definition source to a newer television. Component cables also work, but they are older technology for HD and do not offer as many options for adapters. Adapters will certainly be necessary when attempting to plug your TV up to your computer.

Another popular but more costly option is to go the wireless route. There exist devices that allow the computer’s video signal to be transmitted to a receiver that plugs into one of the TV’s video input sources. An example of this is wireless HDMI. It works just like the cable, but without the actual cables stretching the whole distance between the TV and the computer. A transmitter connects to the computer through HDMI, and a receiver connects to the TV with HDMI. The wireless transmitter and receiver essentially perform the same task as the cable but without being tethered. This also transmits high-definition sound.

If cost is a major issue with going wireless, there are alternatives that do the job. However, they provide a lower quality signal. It is possible to go through USB on the computer and transmit a video signal to the various inputs on the television set. This is a great option for someone who does not have an HDMI video output port on their computer. Most computers (if not all) have one or more Universal Serial Bus, or USB, ports. The quality will not be as good as using HDMI, and the audio signal may have to be routed a different way unless using the computer’s speakers is a viable option for sound.

Using Satellite Direct allows people to get a huge variety of content. Like similar services, no hardware other than your computer is required because it strictly consists of high quality software. This software is available for download and gives users thousands of channels of television on your laptop. It certainly beats using an antenna where one needs to worry about reception, but it is also better than other services because of the fact that there are no subscription charges.

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