Full Shade Perennials Add Beauty To Any Landscape

Garden areas in which little sunlight shines through still have the potential to be as colorful and vibrant as the areas of the property that receive maximum sunlight. Full shade perennials can be found in many variations, many of which produce beautiful flowers each year. Selecting the best botanical for each section of one’s property plays an essential role in transforming shadowy areas into those that are alive with color and interest.

All perennials that thrive in shady sections have specific requirements with regard to light. It is essential to understand that “shade” is a term that covers a broad range of conditions that are usually described in one of three ways. These are partial, full, or filtered.

Deeply shaded sections are areas that are rarely exposed to any kind of sunlight. Areas that are only partially shaded are those that receive sunshine during certain hours of the day, but are otherwise shadowed by shrubbery and trees. Filtered shade describes sections that are covered by shrubs and trees, but still receive partial light from the sun on a regular basis.

Bleeding hearts are favored by perennial lovers, as they bloom in shady areas. Typically, they flower in the spring time, and boast heart-shaped petals in pink or white. Another popular choice is the Columbine plant, which is known for its ability to draw hummingbirds, as well as its multicolored flower petals.

Anemones are another beautiful choice. They feature bell shaped flowers set on graceful, long stems. They can be found in a variety of colors including red, blue, pink, and purple. They can grow as high as three feet tall and bloom in the spring, summer and fall.

There are important facts that can be found on most plant labels concerning the requirements of such perennials. These include their flowering periods, planting tips, light requirements, and growth habits. Most nurseries and garden centers have specific areas in which such plants are kept. No matter which type of full shade perennials one chooses, most property owners agree that plants of this kind add charm and beauty to essentially any property.

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